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White noise/dial tone corruption...

By edean65 ·
My current problem might be related to the following historical problem, and will follow the explanation of it below:

We have a Pentium IV pc that is connected to a Brother multi-function printer/fax/copier. A while back, there was a power surge during a storm that seemed to take out the modem on the pc, and I was asked to correct it. Running the diagnostics, I found the modem to be ok, but it would not connect. I traced the data lines from the modem into the mfc unit, then from there into the wall's phone jack. I bypassed the mfc's fax feature and ran the phone cord directly from the modem into the wall. This fixed the internet connection, and it works to this day. Also, the mfc will print documents through its parallel or USB connection just fine-- just no faxing.

Current Problem needing advice or an answer to enlighten me:

Whenever the modem line is connected to the wall jack, we are getting an intermittent white noise and/or garbled dial tone that is combined with white noise, and our phone has trouble ringing in. When this happens, we'll get a sort of "spurty" ring. When we pick up the phone, the connection fails. If we unplug the modem line the problem is resolved. Also,
when the modem line is plugged in, we still have pretty good dial-up internet response from the 56K modem.

As far as I know, the modem cord is still not running into the Brother MFC unit. However, I did notice a slight difference when I changed the MFC mode to manual faxing. It was a fix of sorts, but did not last.

Any ideas on how to correct this problem?

Added: We did connect a telephone to the wall jack and it worked fine.

-Earl P. Dean

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This problem needs professional help

by mjd420nova In reply to White noise/dial tone cor ...

You need to contact your local phone company. They have the test equipment to track down what's really the problem. What I suspect is you have either a bad box outside, or a box and jack that have carbonized the plastic and causing tracking between the tip and ring connections. There a million things that could cause this and the big clue is the lightning strike. This voltage potential could have taken out everyone of the devices connected to the phone line, and not just the modem cards, the whole unit. Call it a stroke of luck that you still have most of the units still working.

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How About

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to White noise/dial tone cor ...

A new modem????

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Thanks for caring to respond, friends...

by edean65 In reply to How About

Both of these options are on the table. As to the first, we called the phone company and they tested the line. They found it to be undamaged. Regarding the second response, the modem diagnostics report that it is working properly; when the modem cord is connected to the wall jack the modem can connect smoothly to the internet.

But the telephone will not ring in if the cord is left connected while the computer is down or has no internet connection. We are able to browse without problem using an internet connection; I'm pretty sure the Brother MFC unit is not connected between the modem and wall jack.

We can use the phones without problem if the cord is disconnected from the jack; and a good telephone connected to the jack in question will operate fine on a test. We have not left the test phone jacked in over a period of hours.

Thanks again,

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