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Who among us have ever been "Fleet-of-finger" ??? [M.U.D. players]

By OldER Mycroft ·
I reckon I'm better suited to existing within the confines of a public forum driven noticeboard. After all it was noticeboards that got me hooked into online computing in the first place, way back in the mid-70s. Ahh, the heady days of interacting with workers all over the shop, who should all have been doing something far more productive, but no - we would all waste various companies time and money sitting playing M.U.D. (for the uninitiated that stands for Multi User Dungeon, and did just what it says on the tin - except that the whole game was inside a text engine) where the unwary and those that were not 'fleet-of-finger' fell by the wayside and usually were never 'seen' again.

Come on people - let's show the kids of today what computer-games started out as!

Chuck your sad old memories right into this thread!

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Reminds me of the old mainframe days

by DadsPad In reply to Who among us have ever be ...

Once, must have been early 80's, I was working for Buroughs Inc. Another tech and I were assigned to do data entry. But we had nothing to do but sit for a long while.

So we found a game called Star Trek on the mainframe. It was simple and slow, it was all text. Suddenly, a programmer ran into the room and turned off our terminals. He said it was using up all the time on the mainframe and not to play. :)

We were stunned that the game had priority over every thing else. We figured we did not get into trouble as the programmers did not want management to know the game was there.

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What a setup

by JamesRL In reply to Who among us have ever be ...

We have an expression here, "you are as old as dirt", and when I read you talking about M.U.D. I couldn't help picturing Old Mycroft as Methusela.

For the record, I never M.U.D.'d but I did play and early charecter based Star Trek game (well ascii graphics) on a green screen.


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read my post above :)

by DadsPad In reply to What a setup

green screen and ascii characters.

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"Get thee behind me, Methusela !!!" . . .

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Who among us have ever be ...

I started playing M.U.D. on a dumb terminal for God's sake!

I didn't even have a screen!

I could roll up my activities for the day and take them home with me!

Paper output people!

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I did my first programming on one of those

by JamesRL In reply to "Get thee behind me, Meth ...

Intro Fortran. Given the speed of our mighty Honeywell CP66, you could generally debug your code on paper faster than the compiler. The trick was to find the errors before the computer did - highlighters helped.


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