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Who cares what's next in Windows..

By Ian Lewis ·
Am I alone in being unimpressed by the constant babble about the next version of Windows, new features on the way and the offer of so much more than the current version.

It seems that Microsoft, can't think who else, has trained users to be not only dissatisfied with the current version of their OS but to hanker after the next version. Needless to say the next version isn't usually significantly different from the last.

All that really matters in any situation is what you have to use now, be it NT4 (still), Windows 200x or whatever. The issues that really matter now are security, usability and stability. They always will matter but it won't help solve today's problem by hoping the next flavour of Windows will solve your problem.

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Hype has been around for a long time

by stress junkie In reply to Who cares what's next in ...

I remember the first computer product that I noticed was way overhyped. It was Lotus 123. There was so much talk about how great this thing would be, how it would turn information management on its head, how there had never been anything like it in the history of the Universe. Then when I got my hands on it I found that it was just another spreadsheet program. Marketing people have found that joke never gets old. It's just as funny now as it was twenty years ago.

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The next version of Windows

by Neil Higgins In reply to Hype has been around for ...

Vista,will be perfect,without any security problems,it will install perfectly,and need no more updates.Oh by the way,I am a liar...:)
Having used most versions since 3.1,I've had a good laugh over the years,even at certain friends who "blast" long and hard about how good life is (they are on the payroll?).I must admit Microsoft do try hard,but being IT public enemy number one,does'nt help.You may have heard,or not,of the Bill and Mellisa Gates Foundation,which donates buckets of cash to (worthy) causes.Thats where things tend to go misty.Some say they should just stick to Windows,and nothing else.There's a debate there to last all night.Me,I watch,update others machines,suggest Linux,get some odd looks away from IT,and carry on with Red Hat,and Mandrake.

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If you've been using Windows since 3.1...

by debitaylor In reply to The next version of Windo ...

how have you managed all this time to get away without ever using spaces between your punctuation?

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Not only that...

but the use of punctuation is shocking. :)

A note to everyone out there, commas are for pauses in a sentence. Think about what you are writing, then say it out aloud. If you pause when you say it, put a comma in.

Putting, commas, in, on, almost, every, word, makes, you, sound, like, Arnold, Rimmer. :)

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And of course,

by lastchip In reply to Not only that...

sya is actually spelt say ;-)

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I am older than God

by mike In reply to The next version of Windo ...

Most of my life has been spent around computers, one kind or another. I have seen them all. I love technology, that is why I do what I do. I have nothing but praise and thanks to ALL MANUFACTURERS of ALL KINDS for providing me a fulfilling life. I might have wound up as politician or even worse if it were not for technology. I do not want or expect a unpenetrable, unbreakable, unfixable PC. If I did, I'd use a paper notebook and carry it with me till I died.

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If it hadn't been for computers

by Too Old For IT In reply to I am older than God

I might have stayed a taxicab driver, or gone into writing a little earlier. Maybe opened a bar.

****, if Windows worked correctly all the time, I'd be out of a job ...

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If it hadn't been for computers I'd have been

by GNX In reply to If it hadn't been for com ...

a mechanic and or auto restorer (my wife thinks a gynecologist). I don't get to work on or drive my cars as often as I like because of work. But everyday I do smoke the tires leaving the parking lot. As for new Windows always coming out, why don't they try to fix the bugs in it first. Hope I punctuated, spaced and spelled correctly. Oh well gotta go smoke the tires now.

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Smokin Tires Works !?

by Geezah In reply to If it hadn't been for com ...

And to think of all that money I've wasted over the years. I mean I know You can roll tires, but how do You get them in a bong!?!!?

As for windows, XP will probably be it, built a smokin machine last winter, GA 8KNXP.2, 3.0 gHz PIV Northwood,i875p chipset, yada, probably won't even run Vista - I care not, BabyBlue (Yep, from the old Them {Van Morrison et. al.} tune)will be around 'till "It's all over now...." RATS! now it's over to the earworm thread!


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I, too, wondered . . .

by eddie.limoncelli In reply to The next version of Windo ...

is your inability (or is it a disability?) to use spaces properly perhaps connected to the chromosonal disfunction that in your mind equates philanthropic giving, or at least taking advantage of tax incentives for self-serving purposes, with marketing and/or technical ability?

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