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Who Determines Your Quality Of Life?

By derryck ·
Who determines your quality of life?

This is an open-ended question. And it also asks whether we are talking about families, the church, the state, or the legislature.

Personally, I will assume it refers to the individual in a social context such as the society at large. In such an aggregate like society generally, it is incumbent upon all families to cultivate some form of social life or life style.

The quality may vary from person to person, or family to family. But the final decision/s should be left to the individual to decide. In modern industrial societies, the state legislates the general tone or national values for that society, via it's Constitution or Statute Laws.

Good and accountable governance is one, judicial courts, policing services, and essential services like drinking water, sewage disposal, garbage disposals, postal services, public transportation, electricity services, and general medical facilities.

All other services are expected to be sought, accessed, or provided for, by every individual citizen, according to his/her needs.

Om Shanti.
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