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Who do you think is the better boss?

By zlitocook ·
One who leads by example or one who walks through the area and tells you to work smarter? By leads by example I mean he will ask who needs help ( this Presupposes he is good at what he is helping with) and stops to help where he can. The other is a type of boss that when he passes through a work area and see's that some one needs help. He will tell them to read up on the subject and work smarter.

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no I in team

by Jaqui In reply to Who do you think is the b ...

the one that stops to help.
imho an it department is a team effort.
this includes the boss.

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but there is me in team

by esteck In reply to no I in team

but there is me in team

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There's meat and tea too!

by Iam_Mordac In reply to but there is me in team

But no one cares about those either.

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We need a little of both

by degwell In reply to Who do you think is the b ...

i had a boss who if he did not know how to do something always clicked around and the said yes, like that, go do it, no one can know everything and at the same time we do not need guy shoving the fact that we do not know down our throats i would think we should like to learn on our own without have thew presure to do so.
a little bit of both is what i think

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Some of each, a bit of both or one or the other

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Who do you think is the b ...

The best boss is the one who makes sure you can do your job.
Leaving someone to struggle or taking away their very desirable initiative isn't best.
I don't think there are hard and fast rules on this, it all depends on the team member and their needs at the time. In something like this sticking to one approach or the other is going to fail 50% of the time.

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I couldn't agree more

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Some of each, a bit of bo ...

Personally I have always lead by example but that by no means meant that I ever showed off but more like all my staff knew that I would never ask them to do something that I was not prepared to do myself.

Sure if I was asked for help I would help out but at the same time I would first take the person away sit them down over a smoke and ask what was going on, what they had done to attempt to fix it and so on. Sometimes I might have thrown in an idea and about 95% of the time that was all that was required the other 5% where the real problem jobs which when the others had racked their brains over and got no satisfactory solution dumped it on my work bench and said "FIX!" And then tell us all how and what you did to it.


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Same here

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to I couldn't agree more

Need to get them to rely on themselves first, then me.
Sometimes I can tell people what I did to fix a problem, when they ask me why I tried that though, I can't always say until I have had a good think and justified the hunch.
Used to drive one of my bosses wild, how do you know it's the best solution?
It works doesn't it? used to put his wig in orbit.
Intuition, useful to have, impossible to teach.

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by dafe2 In reply to Some of each, a bit of bo ...

I agree that the role of a 'boss' is to support...

At least for me, I like the approach "don't call me I'll call you". In other words, let me do my job and if I need something you better answer the phone. LOL

My guys are given their jobs and left to do them as they see fit. If they need something or have concerns I make damn sure they (or) their issues are looked after immediately. I find that if I do things that way......they make sure our customers are looked after in the same fashion. Professionally & with respect & courtesy.

With this approach, it's very SELDOM I have to do the reverse. :-)

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Its not that neat. A good boss...

by TomSal In reply to Who do you think is the b ...

1. Knows his subject matter. (ie. if you are talking a CIO -- he knows technology well, if you are talking a Sales Executive...well he knows sales, etc.) After all how can you lead a team if you don't know anything about what your team does?

2. Communicates well. Its a bit "boring" to hear but its true...I think good leaders are good communicators. This means not only dishing out the information his/her team needs to be successful, but also having a personality that is appreciated and respected.

3. Checks the ego at the door. As its been said, there is no "I" in team. A good boss doesn't picture him/herself as someone "who commands and tells folks what to do", rather they should be "leading, helping, directing" what is done.

4. Strict, but fair. I don't think you can be overly nice and be an effective leader - this is more true the larger the group is that you are in charge of. People take advantage of the overly nice. Yet at the same time a tyrant dictator approach will work against your team, and will make many folks secretly plan your demise with a smile on their faces.

Be strict -- stand by policies, what is the "rule" is the "rule" or what is the "procedure" is the "procedure"...but be fair -- what is good for one is good for all, never play favorites.

5. Reward your performers. Reward your highest performers each month, with a comp day, a free lunch, something.

6. Have manners and treat your people with the respect we all deserve as human beings. Its a job, just because Sally is just out of school and is your only $8/hr employee doesn't mean you are above her or she doesn't deserve to be spoken to with respect.

7. Now and again...its ok to have a little humor! Why so many bosses look down on an occassional joke sharing session, or non-work related story session with their employees from time to time...totally evades my logic.

Trust me follow those guidelines well and folks will respect you and work hard for you too.

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Not that I'm actively

by dnvrtechgrrl In reply to Its not that neat. A good ...

looking to be fired ...
May I come work for you??


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