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Who does IT report to?

By tom_garland ·
I am interested in hearing about companies out there that have structured the IT manager (these would be smaller companies, not fortune 1000) to report to another department head (like operations or HR) instead of to the executives.

At our organization, the CEO is leaving and the interim CEO is handing over management of IT to Field Services, trying to validate the decision in that IT is like the other areas Field Services manages, such as Fleet and Property Management.

I can barely contain myself at this point, but I am wondering who out there can comment or give some philosophical, experiential discussion on having IT report to a department vs. the executive team.

Thanks in advance.

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big issue

by pivert In reply to Who does IT report to?

O, your company also thinks that IT is important and can't be missed (that's what they say when customers are around anyway)? But if I understand well, they just talk the talk. Same here.
In another discussion I said that I don't want to have a management position (senseless meetings, brown-nosers, politics) but would like to have a say on matters where IT is involved. Not having to explain to the head of accounting why a firewall upgrade is needed or software xyz is better than zyx. And have to hear him mess all arguments up to another mgr, explain everything again... would save a lot of stress and anger.
My experience is that nobody cares about IT as long as all goes well. When things go wrong, suddenly everybody wants his say. And then you can hear how hi or lo they think of you :-)
Oh well, positive is that you can do things your way.

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Sad but true

by computeach247 In reply to big issue

I completely agree with your statment
"My experience is that nobody cares about IT as long as all goes well. When things go wrong, suddenly everybody wants his say. And then you can hear how hi or lo they think of you"

Unfortunately this is so true, & I believe this speaks to a lot of the problems...

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Been there done that

by gene.fellner In reply to Who does IT report to?

I once worked for a municipal government. The elected officials "realized" that the IT department was not providing services directly to the taxpayers. They were providing services to other departments, just like the plumbers and the locksmiths.

So they got the bright idea of combining the former data processing department and the former facilities management department into one Internal Services Department. Guess who got to be in charge? The former head of DP with his 1,000 employees or the "more experienced" former head of FM with his 5,000 employees?

The Chief Handyman was delighted. Suddenly people started showing up at his staff meetings with college degrees instead of tool belts. Oh yeah, and there was a rule that you have to make at least one dollar a year more than your highest paid subordinate. So overnight he got about a $20K raise because the head of IT now reported to him.


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that is exactly the line of reasoning with government

by tom_garland In reply to Been there done that

My situation is with a city organization, and we all know this guy has been out to take over this department for months now, letting all his subordinates know, etc. There is definitely an agenda here.

My feeling is that he is out to have IT benefit his department and his goals vs. the city organization as a whole...

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