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Who here Blogs and where do you blog?

By CG IT ·
I don't really blog and for the most part, don't read someone's blogs.

The reason for not bloggin is, for the life of me, I couldn't imagine anyone interested in what I say. While I have a lot of opinions on the computer and networking, most of my opinions are negative towards the hardware and software manufacturers as they pitch and try to pursuade buying the next latest and greatest while you go broke.

I don't follow others blogs that much because I found a lot of end up being salesmen trying to pitch the latest and greatest or at the least, validate why businesses ought to embrace the latest and greatest.

But every now and then I find someone with a like mindset or at the least, approach the latest and greatest tech products [hardware and software]with a lot of skepticism. Often these someones aren't being paid to blog by sponsors who want them to put as much favorable spin to their products as the blogger can.

So with that, I was wondering how many on TechRepublic have their own blog? If so, would they care to share where we could find their blog.

btw: I'm not talking about facebook or myspace social sites. I'm certainly not interested in hearing about the pet, or trips to the market.

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I blog in my head.

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Who here Blogs and where ...

Somebody reads it 'cuz I get answers. :0

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Those are instructions

by NickNielsen In reply to I blog in my head.

not answers. ;\

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I've a blog on a web site where I post some stories, but I keep that

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Who here Blogs and where ...

to posts about the stories, so it's very sporadic as I only put up something when I've got something more to say about a story just posted or one previously posted - the most common usage has been an alert to a new story. It's at - do NOT visit while at work, as it's a listed adult site due to it carrying erotic stories as well as standard stories.

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