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    who i set up MX in DMZ


    by shabbirahmed2007 ·

    i am implemeting exchange 2003 and ISA server.

    my senerio is:

    i have three zone.
    Exchange server ISA Server with three LAN Card, one is exteral seconed is internal and third one is public ip.

    my iSA Ip are: (DMZ) (Internal)
    one is public ip.

    in DMZ i use exchange and with his ADS and DNS
    i want to publish it to ISA server.
    in exchange i have no live ip.
    where i configure MX record from email.and what is the dns setting of my DNS Server.
    what rules i make for to access it trough ISA to my internal and external client.

    Note: i register my name server only against my domain.

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