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Who is a Better Project Manager?

By Geobub ·
Project managers come in a variety of forms. Some follow:

1. Business focus: Focused on business issues.
2. Technical focus: Focused on the technology in use and how to best manage it.
3. Management focus: Project management practices solely.
4. Hybrid focus: A combination technical and management or business and technical.

Of these which is the most effective?

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None of the above?

by AnsuGisalas In reply to Who is a Better Project M ...

All of the above?

Depends on the project, and on the team.
Does management focused mean letting the team members do their best, fitting it to suit the project?

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Management Focus

by Geobub In reply to None of the above?

Self directed tasks are not managed. The Management focus is centered on Project management practices uniquely.

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by spaceghost In reply to None of the above?

If all you can offer is "It depends", that's not really a constructive response.

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Your thoughts?

by Geobub In reply to Who is a Better Project M ...

Hi SpaceGhost! So what are your thoughts on which is better?

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Well Rounded PMs

by lsmbc In reply to Who is a Better Project M ...

I somewhat agree with the "depends on the project" post above. PMs who report into a PMO organization in large companies may be a little more focused on these single dimensions of project mgmt. PMs part of small to mid-sized companies are most effective when they are agile enough to take on a hybrid role. In many cases, PMs in this environment may be asked help make key project decisions that impact business & technology processes.

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by javedpmp In reply to Who is a Better Project M ...

A project manager is a mentor, facilitator, leader, communicator, politician, and should possess excellent soft skills. For more articles on project management, you may visit:

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I guess the better project manager is;

by knowledgeplus01 In reply to Who is a Better Project M ...

the one who can efficiently do different tasks such as:
-Investigate micro business opportunities
-Develop a micro business proposal
-Organize finances for the micro business
-Comply with regulatory, taxation and insurance requirements for the micro business
-Plan a home based business
-Set up information and communications technology for the micro business
-Establish legal and risk management requirements of small business
-Plan small business finances
-Market the small business
-Undertake small business planning

He or she can also have a strategic planning, pay attention to the strategic direction.
Get control of his/her costs,know his/her customers, responsive to customers' needs, make better decisions with the use of better information and maximize all values for the enterprise.

This can be the skills of a better project manager which can be enhanced if Business project management courses will be taken

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