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Who is Apple kidding?

By drednot57 ·
Anyone with a background in radio knows any loop antenna is highly directional. Why do you think loop antennas are used in direction finding equipment? The iPhone4's antenna is looped around the case, ergo the directional behavior of the phone's RF performance. The issue of the display bars indicating false signal strength is simply a side issue and being put forth as a red herring to the real issue here, the antenna's design.

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by NickNielsen In reply to Who is Apple kidding?

I'm not willing yet to scream about it.

From what I've seen of the physical layout (, the antenna appears to be a dipole. Whereas a loop radiates (and receives) in 2 lobes emitting in opposite directions from the face of the antenna, the dipole radiates (and receives) in a plane perpendicular to the physical line of the antenna. With the dipole, if the user is standing or sitting and holding the phone at or near vertical, the radiation pattern is parallel to the ground. I'll reserve anything more than speculation until I see the electrical specifications and schematics.

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