Who is AYE? Another one of your companies?

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I just went through trying to download a copy of a supposedly free add on for Firefox for taking notes from a web page. From the article I was redirected to a sign up page for AYE where I was told if I signed up it would be free, blah, blah, blah. I figured ok but then I was asked for my credit card number but assured that I would not be charged, it was just for verification to what country I lived in. I strated to get suspicious when it also asked for the 3 numbers from the back of the card. I should have watched closer when I tried to sign up with no free trial which would lead to me being automatically charged about $32 dollars a month for membership. I tried to pick a way of just going to the next step without taking the 5 day free trial. It seems there is no way to do this. I was informed I had taken the 5 day free trial and after reading things closely that I would be charged the monthly fee. When I went to cancel online they then wanted to charge me 0.99c for the privelege of doing this. If I didn't want to pay anything I was forced to phone a number. Luckly the person was nice enough and sounded like they had been through the routine a lot of times. What is this type of practice called? You are going to screw a person over no mater what they do? I don't have time to check out a 5 day trial of the system and do not want to pay anywhere from $16 to $32 dollars a month for something I wouldn't use. You are trying to sucker people into paying for something that they don't want or don't have the time for. It leaves me with a very low opinion of Zdnet and its other companies. So whats up with doing this kind of advertising? Is the name of the game to make a profit not matter how low you have to sink? Thanks for the lesson in the new form of advertising you're supporting.

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You can always call your credit card company and report fraud

by Slayer_ In reply to Who is AYE? Another one o ...

Then have the transaction reversed.

ZDnet has done this crap before. There used to be a comments section on blogs where people would tell you what stuff was safe.

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