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Who is going to

By zlitocook ·
Deploy Vista when it starts shipping for business?
My company is looking into it but we have great doubts about it.
I was reading Microsoft watch.,2180,2010894,00.asp?
And the cost of deploying along with hardware cost makes it look like no one will even try.
I down loaded the basic home version and if I opened more then two programs it was slower then my old 286. It did install fine over XP but I have an onboard video card with 64mb shared memory. And that was a problem because the video settings could not be set vary high. I have 2 gig memory on my test computer and a 3.6 GHz processor a 250 gig hard drive; it is a white box with an odd motherboard by odd I mean it is an Asrock k8 upgrade.
It runs XP great but Vista dose not seem to like it. It found my printer and scanner but would not load or even find my DSL device.
It found my DVD writer but would not write to it, I loaded office 2003 and tried word, excel and PowerPoint at the same time and after five minutes it let me work on one of them.
The testers at my company are not impressed, they are saying stick with XP for one or two years to see if requirements and hardware needs are dropped more.
We looked to the company we buy from, HP and all the new computers say Vista ready. But they are at the low end at best and not even close for power users.
Has any one else at a large company been testing Vista and what do you think?

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May not get a choice

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Who is going to

We supply software for small business's ,They tend to go by their PC from PC world or some such retailer. My dog is more computer literate than most of them as well. So we are going to have to assess the situation, even if it's only running in compatibility mode.
You just know we are going to get a query for support, because strange stuff is happending on a budget pc , with Vista, office 2007 and aeroglass running.

It will be our fault as well.

Should start on it at the end of this month. At the moment I'm chock full of doomsayers or self serving marketting drivel.

When I get some facts and figures and a bit of practical info, I will start my first ever TR thread.

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