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Who IS handling your Resume

By Ghosbtuster ·
Erik Eckel posted the query, "Do you know who is handling your Resume?" That is a better question than most IT professionals may think.
It starts with this. The only way many IT people can get raises in today's economy is to change jobs. A lot of people go to "Headhunters" who have posted job listings in the newspaper.
Once you have signed up with a Placement firm, several things can happen -- some of them not so good. First, you may end up with a "Job Counselor" who doesn't know shinola fromthat other stuff. So s/he can't qualify your skills well enough to make a good match with a firm that is a step up from where you are now. Which not only gives you the runaround, it may cause an IT firm to be turned off by you. Not because you wouldn't fit in their organization, but because you were sent to the wrong job in the first place. That puts your resume in the dead letter file.
Second, and much worse, many so-called "Professional Placement Offices" simply wallpaper the town with your resume in hopes of getting a quick placement and fast commission. The rammifications of that are that you may later walk into a company looking for your talents only to find that they already have your resume on file. At best, they may be concerned as to why they didn't look at you in the first place. But far worse, they may not be able to hire you, even for a different position, because the headhunter sent the resume. Hiring you would cost the company a placement fee, even if you didn't know the Placement Office sent your resume to them. So the company pass on you in favor of, perhaps, a less qualified prospect.
If you do go to a placement office, my advice to you is to interview THEM! Make sure the job counselor is qualified to handle your future!
(From a little known [local] booklet by Richard Vaughn in Little Rock, AR.) Be careful!

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