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Who is making the list of dumb users 2003? Got a hot one.

By finmedmgr ·
Respond and I'll give the short story. Two of us laughed so hard for about 15 minutes and almost split our guts on it. This lady is classic, but this one takes it all.

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Here's my best story, and its true!

by LittleDragon In reply to Who is making the list of ...

Okay, this is an old one, dating back to the days of dumb terminals, but I swear this is not an urban legend - it is a true story because I took the phone call! The user called and said her terminal wasn't working. We went through the usual list of twenty questions, and couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finally I asked her what the last thing was that she saw or did on the terminal. Her reply "I watered my plant." Nothing more to be said....

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Everything old is always new to someone, thanks.

by finmedmgr In reply to Here's my best story, and ...

I am looking for the person who puts these together, know of anyoneor did I draw the short stick?

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I got one...

by Bogomir In reply to Who is making the list of ...

my company replaced all of the remainig 3270-Terminals with PCs+a 3270-emulation sw.
The users also got a network-printer mapped. Now one of the not-so-pc-concious users wanted to print something from his Host-session, but the print didn't appear on the Kyocera FS1800, so he hit the print-key several times, and went home in frustration. That was friday. When he got back to work on monday, the printer operators from the docu-center (located in our basement) had sent his printouts from last friday up to his office door - 200lbs worth of fanfold paper. The report he was trying to print was several 100 pages, and he must have hit the "print"-F-key several dozen times...

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ok, another one

by Bogomir In reply to Who is making the list of ...

working for my former employer, I was responsible for the repair shop (4 people). One day we got a PC for upgrading. When I picked it up from the desk to carry it downstairs, I noticed a dull rattling sound inside - obviously something loose. Now we had a number of cases where a loose mainboard screw inside killed the PC, because of short circuits the screw caused... so I tought "uh-oh..."

Opening the chassis I found a bone-dry bread roll! The funny part is, the original tape seal from the m,anufacturer was stilkl on the chassis - I broke it in the process.
Somebody on the assembly line must have missed his luch... :-)

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On of my Favorites was

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Who is making the list of ...

Was a customer who insisted on a call out after having his computer repaired with the coment that the printer was no longer working. I went through all th eusual questions and got nowhere so I went out to his house to investigate as he urgently needed something printed out for his job.

Once I got there he whent to great lengths showing me exactly what was not working but when I had a look at the print que there was one item there that he had scanned in and enlarged 800% well beyond the A4 size of the printer so it wasn't printing and everything behind it was waiting for the first item to be deleted before it could print.

I asked him what else I could delete but was assured everything was important so I just let the thing print of 250 copies of the same thing that he had obviously tried to print once the first item failed to get through.

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a trainee cleaning his pc

by FlemmingInc. In reply to On of my Favorites was

We had a trainee staying in our workshop for three weeks. He had just bought a new PC and he brought it in 'cause he wanted to add a second harddrive and reinstall xp.
The PC was open and the xp installation was up an d running, formatting the new harddrive. The trainee decided he wanted to clean his PC, so he grabbed an aerosol can containing a product made for cleaning printers and desktops, and he gave his motherboard a good spray.....need I say more

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new type of router

by leaffan_ca In reply to a trainee cleaning his pc

I received a call the other day. The caller said that he was unable to connect to the Internet after moving his pc. After asking the usual questions: Was he using a router or hub? to which the answer was no, I asked him to run ipconfig and got a 192 address. Well, imagine my surprise when I asked him to trace the coaxial cable and the user said it was connected to the wall through his VCR!

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Well on ther subject of stupid home users

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to new type of router

The best one that I can rember is selling a modem to one guy who returned it saying that it didn't work. So I tested it and found nothing wrong and gave it back to him. Well two hours latter I got a really nasty phone call from this guy and he insisted that I come and connect the modem so he could use the internet. Well I wasn't all that impressed but I thought that it might save some nasty actions from this person so I went down there only to find the modem and an ISP instaff disk and the disk said that to connect to the internet all you needed was this CD and a modem. He couldn't quite figure out how to connect the modem to the Audio CD player and get a picture on the TV but he was sure it was possible because the little piece of paper said he could get an internet connection with the CD inserted into a CD player and the modem.

That one is still at the top of my list of stupid home users.

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The Tale of a Mouse

by EMJ In reply to Well on ther subject of s ...

We had a receptionist where I worked who was very some areas. She was famous for making things out of nothing, and reusing items where she could. One day, I went to her computer to do an install, or something, and noticed that her mouse was REALLY sluggish. I turned it over to clean the mouse and discovered some sticky substance surrounding the roller and cover. I asked the receptionist what it was, she replied, "Glue.". Resisting a smile, I asked her why there was glue on the bottom of her mouse and she told me that the ball kept falling out of it so she decided to glue it to keep the darn thing in there. I had to explain to her, as gently as possible, that while it certainly kept the ball in place, it kept the ball immobile too. I gave her a new mouse, and cleaned off the old one with alcohol. The funniest part of this whole story is that she just didn't understand why it wasn't a good idea to glue the ball in place. That one still leaves me smiling. :)

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The best one so far

by finmedmgr In reply to The Tale of a Mouse

I know it's been a long time since I re-visited this, but thought you should know I haven't laughed so hard in years

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