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Who is responsible ?

By mark ·
If i get a NEW virus on my computer, when connected to the internet. Who is responsible to help me get rid of it.

1. Microsoft,
2. Internet Service Provider,
3. The Anti Virus Software Company,

I find that when you talk to all the above, they all pass the buck. I thought as a paying customer to an Internet Service provider they should at least provide assistance on what to do. Especially if you have not got a clue about computers. But no, all of them blame each other as responsible for giving advice to remove any kind of Virus.

One IT service provider went as far to say all antivirus companies are to blame for combating Viruses. How is that so when they can only combat Viruses once in the domain?

The sasser worm, must of been a nightmare for customers using the internet just to play on line games and who had little experience of computers. I can only imagine the amount of people who must of said " bollocks to the Internet" due to lack of help.

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by Neil Higgins In reply to Who is responsible ?

As far as my ISP is concerned Telewest (UK),if my home PC becomes infected,and (A),I dont have anti-virus software installed,(B),I do,but it's not up to date,(C)I dont use a firewall,(D)I do,but have the settings all wrong,(E)What's a firewall?,then as far as they are concerned,I'm an idiot,it's all my fault,and I get taken out of the loop,(no connection allowed),untill I've cleaned up my PC.Or(F)I do have top-of-the-range virus protection,a military strengh firewall,plus half a dozen blockers,protectors,cleaners,washers,etc,but still my PC gets screwed,then according to my ISP it's still my fault.Believe me,they have us by the dangles every time!

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You are.

by DMambo In reply to Who is responsible ?

Plain and simple. If you connect to the internet, or even any other computer, you are taking a risk.

Who's responsible if I go out to a nightclub, have several drinks, find a woman who's interested in having a little fun and get a venereal disease?

1) the bar?
2) the brewery?
3) the condom maker?
4) me?

"...I took a little risk. Send lawyers, guns and money. Dad, get me out of this."

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Quiet chuckle

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to You are.

Nice, agree 100%.
Some people are definitely part of the problem but we are the only solution.

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Personal responsibility

by jdclyde In reply to Who is responsible ?

If you have a computer, you are responsible for doing the basics.

1) Keep your system patched.
2) Keep your AV current.
3) Keep your spyware current.
4) Keep your firewall current.
5) Don't use Internet Explorer and Outlook.
6) Run your AV and Spyware software regularly.
7) Do NOT run the computer as Administrator to browse the web.

If you have done all of this and STILL get infected, well that is what backups are for my friend. Backup the data, wipe the harddrive, reinstall OS and all applications, then restore data. If you DID follow the above it is very unlikely you will ever have an issue though. But you can't leave ANYTHING out of that list.

OR you can go get a MAC or use Linux.

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You forgot some.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Who is responsible ?

4. The firewall company
5. The spyware company
6. The modem, hub, or router company.
7. The user

The correct answer is 7.

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5 of 5

by Jaqui In reply to Who is responsible ?

say you, the end user, are 100% responsible for your own system's security, unless you, then end user, pay a professional to maintain it.

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New virus

by BHunsinger In reply to Who is responsible ?

How about the jerk who wrote it? If you are driving down the road and you run over a piece of metal that slices the tire to bits, who is responsible?

1. the guy who mixed the asphalt?
2. The guy woul built the road?
3. the city employee who swept the street last week?

Same deal. The guy whose truck it fell off of is reponsible. But if you had been paying close attention, you might have dodged it.

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by CharlieSpencer In reply to New virus

I violated on of my own rules. The user bears responsibility for the clean up. The author bears the responsibility for the damage.

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"if you had been paying close attention"

by jdclyde In reply to New virus

is exactly correct.

While it IS the blame of the writer that there is a virus out there in the first place, like the metal i the road it is your job to avoid it.

And as pointed out, the ONLY time this isn't true is when you hire someone else to take the blame of securing your system. Let them be the one to reformat your drive.

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Katrina Virus Scumbags

by Neil Higgins In reply to "if you had been paying c ...

Whilst on viruses,how low can the scumbags get:**82.stm

On another note from the BBC website,see this about anti-virus software for mobile phones:

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