Who likes Abode Reader 8?

By NexS ·
Hi all, well it's my turn to ask a question this time!
My situation is this: A PDF document with links in it is opened via a web browser one one particular laptop (IE 6 - SOE at the business I'm working at) and the hyperlinks to other documents on our network do not work. Now this only happens when opening the PDF from the web-Adobe reader, as I can open it in the standalone application and use the links without a problem.

I've tried to re-create the issue elsewhere, but it seems it's only an issue on this particular laptop (HP 6**0p - WinXP SP3) and the internettings (internet settings) seem to be consistent with all other SOE latops...
Also, this particular laptop has only recently been WDSed, so the settings should be freshly fresh.

Any ideas would be superly appreciated.

(PS: I like my invention of words in this one!)

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I don't really like adobe reader.

by .Martin. In reply to Who likes Abode Reader 8?

and have been meaning to get rid of it.

had lots of people recommend Foxit PDF reader

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I have no power

by NexS In reply to I don't really like adobe ...

Over the SOE of business machines... Therefore a change of scenery is way out of the picture.
But it's a good option... so...


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Not sure why this

by ComputerCookie In reply to I have no power

would happen, Adobe Reader 8 is a security risk anyway, this was dumped last year and replaced by vers. 9 for most OS's, this has been replaced by version subsequent versions. Currently 9.3.2. Version 9.3 has not been repaired and replaced according to the Australian government on the 17th of Feb, the download manager on the 24th Feb.
On the 12th of April Reader 8.2.1 and 9.2.1 for all Windows MAC and Linux another advisory was issued that's why Windows versions are at 9.3.2.

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Sure, but

by NexS In reply to Not sure why this

As I've said, it's not up to me.
I just fix people's problems, i don't get a say in what we install on SOE images... YET! haha!
But seriously, we're moving to Windows 7 at the end of the year and i'd say we'll be doing all the upgrading of software at that time.

However, I'm still left with the problem, but I'm thinking I might try an Uninstall/reinstall of Adobe Reader... just gotta find time to commandeer the manager's laptop...

STILL after any other ideas that people might have...?
Pretty please with chocolate-coated strawberries on top(who wants cherries when these are available?!)

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