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Who makes the best laptop?

By 9Shenandoah ·
We are buying five to ten tomorrow. We'll be running custom and COTS applications that aren't much more cpu/hadrware intensive than Office 2007.

I have some good expereinces with Dell Dimensions and HP but some IT people are pushing for Lennivo (sic, I never heard of them) T400's. I can't find this brand on Google. My personal feeling was that the Sony's were good ones, but I know very liitle about laptops.

We're not looking for glitzy models or state of the art techno design. My gosh I was shown some shiny new white Macs today that were thinner than bread, but my instinct right way was "no", I dont want those things getting pounded on a TSA baggage beltway.

We need something sturdy and well made and we'll spend the bucks. Experience shows that our users take better care of their laptops if they have the option to buy them at 27% cost after two years of use.

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My only experience

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Who makes the best laptop ...

with Sony is that they don't stand up to much in the way of physical abuse.

Dunno diddly when it comes to Lenovo.

Have two HP's and an Acer. All three of which hold up to mild physical abuse.

Acer packs 'em with minimal hardware configuration and minimal potential for hardware expansion.

Couldn't pay me to get rid of either of my HP's. After I dumped all the pre-loaded garbage, of course.

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by alfalasi11 In reply to My only experience

from my experince since 1992 with laptops :) i've tried HP, DELL, Toshiba, acer,sony , etc, the only one who survived my abuse is lenovo.

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HP or Toshiba

by .Martin. In reply to Who makes the best laptop ...

I have always found that both Toshiba and HP to be very sturdy computers, standing up to most abuse, that is apart from being thrown across offices (I have experienced this, a Toshiba was thrown across the office, and slammed into a wall. It worked afterwards, but it wasn't the same)

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