Who makes this RACIST software?

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Someone has produced RACIST software that changes Scottish Clan names by making a capital letter after a lower case c automatically for mass mailing of customers. My Clan name is Mackenzie with only one capital letter at the start. The way the Clan name should be written. This RACIST software sends me mail in the post and changes my name to MacKenzie. Not my name and RACIST. That is not the Clan sept that I am from. Anybody know who needs to change the RACIST script and how to contact them? Usually there are Sales people who are not interested. It is really annoying and when I complain to the bank they apologise and blame software. Not good enough. Change the software back to what it was. Software that worked. Next step for me is to involve the Police as this is RACIST.

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You're finding offense where none was intended.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Who makes this RACIST sof ...

First, being a Scot is a nationality, not a race. But what's in a name? There are plenty of Mackenzies, McKenzies, Mackensies, etc. who haven't had any Scottish blood since great-great-great grandpa got off the boat.

Second, it's probably due to a spell checking dictionary entry created by the bank, not the software developers. I suspect the people you ranted to at the bank's Customer Service desk have no control over the spelling dictionary. They probably don't even know what one is; most of the Customer Service people I support don't. They don't know the dictionary can be changed, so they don't know to ask to have it corrected.

Third, if one incorrectly capitalized letter is the only problem you have with your bank, you're in better shape than the rest of us. If I could get them to lower my mortgage rate and raise my savings rate, they could call me Needlewang the Bug Humper.

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