Who Owns Apple Computers?

By the_webninja ·
I feel kinda stupid asking this question, cause I am almost SURE I heard that Bill Gates Bought Apple a long time ago.
But recently I was in a disscussion with someone about the Stock Market and this guy swore up and down that Steve Jobs Owned Apple. I know Steve Jobs Founded Apple, and I know he is still the CEO, but I could have sworn I heard a while back that Bill Gates Bought Apple.

Can someone set me straight with the Facts and Possibly include a Link to some kind of supporting evidence?


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It's not MS

by rkelly In reply to Who Owns Apple Computers?

They are owned by a group of banks/pension funds etc - as are nearly all large firms

Steve Jobs owns more than Microsoft do

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Strictly speaking, the Apple company is owned by ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Who Owns Apple Computers?

The shareholders, since it is floated on the Stock Market.

The largest shareholder would presumably have the largest share:

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by Ben "Iron" Damper In reply to Who Owns Apple Computers?

You should ask Oz_Media.
He knows EVERYTHING! If you don't believe it just ask him.

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by Bryanspage In reply to OZ

You heard that Microsoft invested in Apple years ago - The owners are the shareholders - yes Steve Jobs is the founder of Apple - and should have the most shares in the company - which means he has the controlling interest in Apple.

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The easy version: Steve Jobs owns Apple.....Bill Gates owns Microsoft..

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Who Owns Apple Computers?

If you want the Full specific details then read the other members posts.

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