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Who provide service

By deleon111 ·
Hi my name is Marlon, I currently on 3d semester of ccna, I will have the oportunity to link 2 lans geographically separated,i understand that my router @ one end (dte) could be connected to a csu/dsu (dce)for connection via dial up network, if thisis correct can sombody tell me who provides the service for wan data transmission? and do i need a transiver to make the connection from the serial interface of router to csu/dsu, or how is it physically connected?

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Who provide service

by OTL In reply to Who provide service

CSU/DSU are normally only used for a dedicated circuit, although some models have DBU (Dial Back Up) feature. When signal loss is detected on the dedicated circuit one automatically dials the other which is set to autoanswer. Dedicated circuit carriers are many with reliability and cost dictating who to use, if within the city this could be local phone company. If this is accross campus then you could be the carrier, campus may own the cable. Most CSU/DSU's have V.35 and/or RS532 connectors on the back you will need a Mini Winchester to V.35 (prefered) or RS532.

Transciever, will have to get back to you on that, believe that depends on how you setup the DSU (DCE/DTE). It has been awhile since I set one up. But normally never used one.

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