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Who says Canadians are used to snow??

By aidemzo_adanac ·
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Okay, a blanket statement there but more so for Vancouver specifically. We don't get a lot of snow in Vancouver, maybe one or two snowfalls a year, usually a few inches. Today I had it proven to me that not ALL Canadians are used to driving in snow. We had our first fall last night, less than an inch in the city, about 3 where I live in the 'burbs. You'd think it was Armageddon though! My normal drive in is 35 mins, today 1hr 25mins because people don't seem to realize that snow is slippery and a Honda Civic or Toyota Camry is not a 4X4.

I spent a total of 36.23mins idling on my way to the office as people slid sideways up hills and skidded into oncoming traffic down hills. The worst part was just as I entered town, very little snow, roads a bit slushy. It was a dead stop in every direction because people here simply can't drive. (I won't resort to the cultural issues but that may mean something for many here anyway)

Tomorrow supposed to have more, though it's sunny and clear right now. I live in a hilly suburb, the plows were late to the punch today though. I was in 4W High but still dragged arse for 40 minutes just to get on my way because you couldn't move on my hill due to the number of unprepared yahoos who think a compact car with summer tires will get you up a hill with a few inches of fresh snow (well it will if you understand gear but we are talking our local city idiot drivers).

So in case anyone is wondering how Canadians put up with all the snow, we don't ALL get snow and when we do, locals just have no idea what to do in it. I just hope it snows enough to keep them all at home tomorrow!!!

Okay that was that rant, wonder what will happen tomorrow.

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I'm in Winterpeg, snow is no big deal

by Slayer_ In reply to Who says Canadians are us ...

bring it on, 6 feet of snow please :)

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geesh Slayer_

by PurpleSkys In reply to I'm in Winterpeg, snow is ...

you can have all my Nova Scotian snow too if you like.

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Yeah yeah,

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to I'm in Winterpeg, snow is ...

I lived in NS for a while too and they get their fair share of snow. Actually, it's sunny and pretty warm again now, most of it melted and washed away. Supposed to get a few inches again tonight/tomorrow but then the rain will come as always and there will be no traces at all by Friday. Vancouver is a pretty awesome climate, rains a lot but you don't have to shovel rain. :)

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I always thought all of Canada was cold and snowy

by AV . In reply to Who says Canadians are us ...

I can't believe good old NJ gets more snow than you guys. I always get a lot of snow where I live because I'm in the higher elevations, so I can definitely relate to hills. I've gotten pretty good over the years driving in snow, but most of the population here can't drive on a normal day.

The flip side of yahoos in compact cars with summer tires are the yahoos with the SUVs that think they're invincible in the snow. They are usually the ones that fly off the road into ditches because they're going too fast.

We have no snow here - yet. I'm sure that will change soon.


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I hear that from Americans all the time.

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to I always thought all of C ...

Many still think we live in the wilderness in our igloos too, I'm sure. Last year I don't even remember getting snow at all, maybe a flurry that didn't get anywhere. BC interior gets SNOW!!!, the rest of Canada gets SNOW!!!! we get rain, a few cooler days and then it's spring again. Shhhhh, Vancouver is Canada's secret little corner paradise!

Last year I was sitting by the beach having a few beers with a friend and watching the sunset, seaplanes and windsurfers, with no jacket on, in mid December! I remember all the posts on TR about snow and photos of the US winter wonderland.
Right now it's 39F, 5C (sounds cold but I went to the store without a coat just now and it was really nice the with warm sun.)
I always like to call the US the Great White South (see the twist there? :) ) .

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But Canada IS all snow and ice

by neilb@uk In reply to I hear that from American ...

and polar bears and stuff. I've seen the David Attenborough programs and he doesn't lie.

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Polar Bears? In Canada?

by aidemzo_adanac In reply to But Canada IS all snow an ...

Reminded me of Monty Pythons Meaning of Life. "A TIGER???? In Africa???"
This is almost the view from my office:
Also :

Yeah I know, it's AWFUL isn't it? LOL (Love the scenes here, every angle is a postcard). Without the clouds there is a mountainous backdrop behind the downtown buildings.

Or a nice view of the North Shore Mountains, which can be seen from almost anywhere in Van.

Okay, behind the big cloud there are mountains half white with snow, stunning to look at and the reason I keep telling myself it's worth the money to live here. We pay through the nose to live in Van but it is so freakin' scenic and beautiful (yeah it's actually called Beautiful British Columbia too!) that it actually seems worth it.

(okay I have the Olympic release plate and it says the The Best Place on Earth, but it is still Beautiful British Columbia). Funny thing is, I'd give it all up to be on Ventnor Beach, IOW in a heartbeat. I know I'd miss BC something bad ( I am into the recreational life here too) but i'd be where I feel at home, for real.

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polar bears

by PurpleSkys In reply to Polar Bears? In Canada?
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by aidemzo_adanac In reply to polar bears

I haven't seen polar bears without CocaCola branding in a while!

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I took my old Mum to IOW this summer for the day

by neilb@uk In reply to Polar Bears? In Canada?

It rained. But it was the worst summer since - whenever. It rained everywhere, all of the time.

We drove right around the island and had lunch in Ventnor from The Haven Fish and Chips (local caught pollock and chips, eaten in the car). Not cheap, though!

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