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Who Says Microsoft Didn't Know?

By sunandseainlb ·
In reading the latest week's headlines in CNET, I saw the article about the gaping hole in SQL security that MS says it only recently found out about. My system was literally hijacked 8 months ago and I repeatedly tried to contact MS with "Urgent" emails, only to receive in return precomposed messages that they would review my problem in 14 days. I actually spoke with 2 Security staff at MS by phone, and found each to be appallingly ignorant and unwilling to pass information along to superiors. I have fought a losing and very costly battle for 8 months and no one was around to help me, including Verizon DSL, Charter Cable, Gateway, Symantech, McAfee and even the FBI. This system is still under complete control of these "hackers" who havea mind-boggling configuration that, frankly, has replaced my Windows ME with some hybrid combination of 95, 98, Me, NT, 2000 (mostly NT). I continue to cry out for help but no one will believe me or, maybe worse yet, are disinterested. These guys walk through every HTTPS secure connection I have made. They rewrite entire program files without detection. This is BIG STUFF but damned if anyone is interested in discussing it with me, or coming to spend 10 mins. looking at my system for proof. When this is over (if ever), I intend to write one helluva story. Furthermore, as far as I'm concerned, MS owes me a complete, new, best available computer system, top to bottom, for the 8 months and ongoing nightmare I have had to deal with, all because of their failures to disclose and failures to monitor complaints made to their technical division. ****, maybe I'll sue and become a VP of customer relations. You'd then see heads rolling from Seattle to Silicon Valley. Anyone out there to help? I'm battling this very dangerous enemy alone!

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by djent In reply to Who Says Microsoft Didn't ...

Your response from MS is normal but sometime in the last 8 mos did you consider reformatting your drive? Installing a firewall, more secure OS or are you determined to clean a fully corrupted installation.

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..nice to get ANY response!

by sunandseainlb In reply to

..thank you for the post. The answer is somewhat problematic. Yes, I had installed 3 different firewalls (one was running at the time these guys entered my system) and in each case, the perps are able to rewrite-replace the underlying files, just as they can with antivirus progs. Money is a prob because, in the face of all this, I have remained unemployed and looking for 15 months! The BIOS was rewritten with malicious code. I have been reluctant to buy a new motherboard, for both economic reasons and the near certainty that this malicious group will, for whatever reasons, come back and reintroduce themselves. Incidentally, the first file I ever opened was entitled "Now I'm in the USA." And the group leader said, in one of several weird emails, "get used to me, I'm here to stay."

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Not Suprised By Thier Response But...

by JackOfAllTech In reply to Who Says Microsoft Didn't ...

I am suprised that you have allowed this to continue for so long. Disconnect that machine from the 'net immediately and wipe it. Do a clean install with all the security packs BEFORE you connect it back to the 'net again.


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Oh, but I did that a long time ago!

by sunandseainlb In reply to Not Suprised By Thier Res ...

Ralph. Thanks for the reply. I am no candidate for VP of Programming at IBM, but I am neither timid nor stupid and have employed practically every mean I have read about (often with assistance from Tech Support at Gateway) to rid myself of these guys. Gateway, (same with Verizon), have reached the point where they say, "sorry, there is nothing else we can do." I have tried to completely remove WINDOWS, clear the NV Ram and reinstall with a firewall and antivirus in place, but these guys walk over that without burning a single gray cell. As mentioned, I have a major prob. in that my BIOS is corrupt with the Intel Pentium 4 chip, but money has kept me from purchasing a new board and, I am now convinced that these guys are so sophisticated, so malicious and so knowing of everything about me (seriously!), that they will only be back to corrupt the new board. How to emphasize, these guys are big and up to no good.

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by djent In reply to Oh, but I did that a long ...

If your BIOS is corrupt you can download an update, for your MB, from a clean machine. Make a boot floppy with the BIOS utility, update file, write protect the disk and flash the BIOS. Then find the jumper that disables BIOS updates. You don't need a new MB.

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