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Who should do revisions on existing information systems (IS)?

By cschpdb ·
Our IT organization has an IS development group and an IS maintenance group.

The development group develops new IS. Once the new IS is stable, it is turned over to the maintenance group. Currently, if there are additional modules or revisions to be done on the IS, it is done by the maintenance group. However, the maintenance group is arguing that it should still be the development group who should do these revisions regardless of the scope and complexity of the enhancements.

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RE: "Once the new IS is stable, it is turned over to the maintenance group"

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Who should do revisions o ...

What do you mean EXACTLY by "turned over"?

Clearly the qualifier in the above sentence is "once it is stable" so, where is this stability worked out? In the Development area (running locally) or in the Real World, mounted on the server?

Intrinsically ~ WHO INSTALLS IT?

Whoever installs it should also be installing any and all modifications. Period.

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RE: What do you mean EXACTLY by "turned over" and "once it is stable" ?

by cschpdb In reply to RE: "Once the new IS is s ...

Being "turned over to the maintenance group", means that the proejct team that developed the system will be disbanded, and a new set of people from the maintenance group will be given access to the source codes and documentation and will now handle the day-to-day operations of the information system (e.g., report generation, additional modules, fixing bugs).

The stability is worked out during production run, usually after one or two business cycles.

Usually, the members of the development team install the information system on both the client PCs (for Windows-based systems) and production server.

I read somewhere that whoever wrote the code should also be the one to maintain it. Is this what you mean when you say: "Whoever installs it should also be installing any and all modifications?"

Thank you very much.

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