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Who still supports 98?

By master3bs ·
I am slowly beginning the process of bringing my company (a government facility) up to date. About 90% of the workstations here are Windows 98. I'm trying to find the resources to bring in new pc's but that's going to take a while.

In the meantime, believe it or not, I'm updating a bunch of computers from 98 to 98SE. Fortunately I'm very comfortable with 98; but it is becoming a mess to administer particular when needing to add to the systems as little today is compatible with the OS.

A non Windows OS isn't a viable option because of training and compatibility with our systems. And most of the current machines simply won't handle XP.

Do many of the other techs here have to support 98 like this?

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One option

by JamesRL In reply to Who still supports 98?

Put your apps on a Terminal Server, and have the old PCs run RDP sessions to access them. Its easier to update apps when they are central. All you have to worry about on the local PC is network connectivity.


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sounds workable

by master3bs In reply to One option

That's a option I've considered; buying another server to run the common apps. At the moment I am running Symantec Antivirus Server and it works wonderfully.

That would help in keeping some things updated; but of course I'd still have to run them over a majority of 98 workstations.

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by Choppit In reply to One option

By the time you've bought your TS CALs you're starting to approach the point where a budget XP OEM box starts to look attractive.

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by JamesRL In reply to But.....

The cost of the CALs versus box is not the total cost. It takes time to pull out the old box, install the new box, load the apps etc. All of this is dramatically reduced if you use TSS. You can setup an RDP session in 1 minute. You can create a user profile in 2 minutes.


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TS vs. local desktops

by KJC In reply to But....

Not only are you gaining time and money in implementing TS now, you will gain even more in the future, when you need to upgrade hardware to keep up with your applications. With a TS, you will only have to upgrade or replace one server; going the desktop route you would have to replace ???? number of desktop computers.

And when you have to upgrade software? It will be just as easy to install, but you will only have to do it once on the TS.

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by SO_JAM In reply to TS vs. local desktops

KJC is spot on, why waste time in upgrading all x workstations when the single TS will do, you can download thw software for non XP clients here, I personally have setup many TS and they just work, little tip for other users, if you setup a 2000 Terminal Server you do not need to buy CAL if connecting with XP

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by timw In reply to One option

What about investigating a solution around Citrix......?

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With improvements to Windows Server 2003

by JamesRL In reply to Citrix

Terminal services is pretty robust and functional - Citrix still makes sense when the scale/size warrants.


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I do

by jdmercha In reply to Who still supports 98?

About 20% of my machines are win95 or 98.

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by master3bs In reply to I do

I'm glad I don't have to keep 95 machines running. I could do it, and I enjoyed 95 back in its day, but I'm glad those days at least are past me.

Good to know there are others out there though.

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