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Who thinks Tech Rep Linux coverage bites

By campbellr ·
Just curious, anyone here think that the recent Linux articles are cheesy or is it just me? I hope no one is paying for this stuff. I come here once or twice a month looking for some good Linux info but have yet to see any. Let me know what you think. :)

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by admin In reply to Who thinks Tech Rep Linux ...

and a host of others cover it well. TR is more like a kinda fun community for me and also a good resource for management\IT dilemma's etc.

It's not really a technical site though (except, of course the Locksmith's pen get's technical which I appreciate even if many others don't and start whining that "Crackers" will start breaking into their systems...hehehehe like they are going to go to TR for this.....)

Anyway, just my cent and a half... :)

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I have found

by zlitocook In reply to Who thinks Tech Rep Linux ...

Some good info here but you have to remember that this is a Microsoft approved site. And Technet recomends it. But they try to supply info for both.

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Fact of life

by James R Linn In reply to I have found

Is that this site reflects corporate marketshare - Linux is a good operating system for servers, but corporate america is not embracing it, and is not frienly enough for the average corporate desktop user.

I'm not saying it doesn't have its place. I read the article on using an old pc for a linux firewall at home - this is something a friend told me about 2 years ago, but for a newbie it may be of interest.

We don't support linux in our enterprise - we support only one Unix. But we have lots of people who have made the transition to unix from wintel by first setting up and playing with Linux at home.

I do beleive that many orgs will see more Linux boxes come into large enterprises, but I'm not sure whether this will be fast enoughto make any significant impact to Microsoft's dominant position.


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TechRepublic Linux coverage bites?

by 630111 In reply to Who thinks Tech Rep Linux ...

Why don't you offer to write a Linux article or two for TechRepublic? Just a suggestion.

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by Sean Reed In reply to Who thinks Tech Rep Linux ...

I agree with you. When I joined TechPro Guild though I discovered The Linux Republic, which has some good articles that are updated every week (on average). Originally, the best articles from TPG eventually got transferred over to TechRep.

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