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Who to Hire???

By ___.__ ·
Experience aside....

Who do I hire?

The self taught IT guy, this being his first IT gig???


The guy with the certification, this being his first IT gig???

Is the paper worth anything or not?

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All aspects have to be looked at

by mjd420nova In reply to Who to Hire???

If that is the only determining factors that will guide the decision, then I would have to go with the self taught individual. The main reasons are the experience, and that can only be gotten with hands on. Almost any one with half a mind can complete a course and get the certification, but the book does not teach the real world, as things are. The first realization comes when the book worm finds that things are not as they were taught in the classes. The self taught has seen the real world and learned it the way it is. Just like a skilled IT person who comes to a job and inherits a very sloppy and cluttered server room, too many others have have their hands in the works previously and has been forced to work with what was there. If we all could have had a first time certified person when the process was started, it might be as the book taught, but we all know that's a pipe dream. Most systems are a conglomeration of many partial installs on top of each other, often on top of older technology and with limited budgets. Making due with what you have seems to be the basic guidelines and few businesses can start from the ground up to build and implement systems that are to become the backbone of the business. Doing it right is the goal, but doing it cheaply and quickly is the mandate. Meeting goals make for short cuts and putting ten pounds of crap in a five pound box makes for some awful messes and equaly messy solutions. You see, it compounds itself and few employers realize this and are willing to go back to square one and do it right.

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As we have told you exhaustively

by Tig2 In reply to Who to Hire???

The situation and job requirements will drive the appropriate hiring decision.

The (lack of) name is familiar, Spuddy. Sorry you didn't get it the first time.

Somehow I don't think that many will bother with this discussion. We have already had it. What you may expereince is newer members responding that don't know your history. Or you could experience thread hijack. Hard to call so early in the game.

Incidentally, if you decide you want to hijack my icon again, have at it. Anything to promote awareness...

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by ___.__ In reply to As we have told you exhau ...

Think I will get HAL9000's icon thins time since I'm on his list. Looking at ya.....

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This is a hard decision, and should not be answered lightly

by jdclyde In reply to Who to Hire???

I can't decide if I want steak stir-fry or if I want a nice Tbone steak on the grill. Both sound good.

I have had the grill fired up, but never got around to doing steak this year. No boys tonight, so it might be a good idea to do a practice run without them to get back in the swing of things.

Checklist, I will have to get some steak, some potatos, and better pick up some more Kingsford as I was near the end of the bag last time. Ohhhh, I know. Some hickory chips would be good too! Just need time to let them soak.

Should I do corn? Naaa. Too much work for just myself. A few potatos and a steak sounds good to me.

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I appreciate the difficulty you are having here.

by Tig2 In reply to This is a hard decision, ...

I would DEFINITELY go for the steak and spud combo. It is my preference for Saturday nights after a long walk.

Found some WONDERFUL porters that were excellent on the grill. Can't keep my partner away from the grill- stove hardly gets used.

Get some charcoal and fire that baby up. Anything is better on the grill!

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That is where training helps

by jdclyde In reply to I appreciate the difficul ...

I have been teaching my boys how to make the grill smoke to give off more flavor. Without the smoke, it just isn't the same.

Porterhouse does sound good. The filet is the BET part of the cow. A local chinese place used to make "Steak KOW". Stir-fried Fillet with veggies! Too bad they shut down and it is now just a buffet!

Do you do any of the "rubs" or keep it simple with salt/pepper? I have a hard time covering A good cut of meat with anything. BBQ sauce is for covering up your mistakes!

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Experience makes a difference

by Tig2 In reply to That is where training he ...

I use a light rub of liquified garlic in a tad of olive oil. Then a sprinkling of Montreal Steak seasoning by Mc Cormick. I have blended something similar but have little time to mess with it.

For something lighter- and assuming you have more time- fresh rosemary (leaves only) in a mortar and pestle with half a garlic clove and a bit of olive oil. Grind well and rub. It is VERY light- the oil only acts as a carrier so you don't get the oily taste.

I DO try to avoid salt before cooking. It doesn't really impact well. I use a fresh grinding of sea salt at the table but if you choose to use a sauce, it is often unnecessary.

If you like mushrooms and onions, take a tablespoon of REAL butter- not margerine- and add the sliced mushroom of your choice- I like bellas- and VERY thinly sliced onion. Create a foil packet of the above and add the herbs of your choice- I use onion, garlic, parsley, and rosemary. Remember to put a small slit in the foil package before putting on the grill. Start about a minute or two before the steaks hit the grill. We manage to a rare or "softly mooing" time for the meat. This mix will even refrigerate and re-warm.

Nice to know that training and experience can come together...

Edit- subtract one letter, add another...

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That does it

by OnTheRopes In reply to Experience makes a differ ...

Because of you two now I'm jealous and hungry. I think a trip to Taco Belch is in my near future.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to Experience makes a differ ...

Dang it. Now I want a Porterhouse! Guess, I will be firing up the grill tonight :) I usually use a tiny bit of salt, more pepper, and a little powdered garlic on my steaks. But for the cheaper cuts, I like the Jack Daniels BBQ sauce for it. The more expensive cuts don't need BBQ sauce unless you forget about them on the grill

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by jdclyde In reply to Mmmmmmmm....

bbq sauce is for cheap cuts of meat and mistakes!

I cook with salt, and then don't even bother having it on the table.

If you have to add salt at the table, it wasn't made right! That goes for All FOOD!

And I HATE the people that dump crap on their food before even TASTING it! How do you KNOW it needs more salt? grrrrrr. Not in my house, bucko!

Enjoy that steak! ;\

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