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Who use Chromebooks

By mariowalker904 ·
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What is your experience using Chromebooks? I have a Levano 2020 32 bit Chromebook, and so far, I enjoy using it. I have had it since April of 2020, and it had helped me through the lockdowns last year.
Have you guys had positive experiences with Chromebooks?

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Re: Levano

by Kees_B Moderator In reply to Who use Chromebooks

If you want to make your living out of writing, be sure to stick to the facts and write it down correctly.

There is no Levano Chromebook, and even Lenovo 2020 isn't an existing model, so now we don't know if you have an Ideapad or a Flex.

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It is real, I own one

by mariowalker904 In reply to Re: Levano

I see you read my other thread. Here's proof to show you that there is a Chromebook manufactured by Lenovo. Here's the link for proof
I might have misspelled the brand name because it was late at night when I made that post, but I wouldn't lie about a product I've own for 16 months.

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by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Who use Chromebooks

I see you replied about that name so that's corrected. I hope folk will learn from this and avoid such as it impedes the conversation.

I use a few Chromebooks but they are for web access and not my go to laptop.

I love it since it's a 99 buck refurb that I don't fret about while traveling.

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