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    Who use proxy

    by newuser919 ·


    Hi! I’m new in it and I have a lot of questions. But at first I want to know WHO use proxy? Not why how and etc. I read many articles about proxy but there is no information about users. I found only about sneakerheads and want to know who else.

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      Re: proxy

      by kees_b ·

      In reply to Who use proxy mentions a lot of reasons *why* companies use proxy-servers in their infrastructure. Why do you want to know *what* companies use this technique.

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        More inf plz)))

        by newuser919 ·

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        Because I want to understand who need proxies. I don’t need name of companies or people. I interested who else (except companies to protect networks) can use proxy. May be for some specifical needs.

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          Re: proxies

          by kees_b ·

          In reply to More inf plz)))

          It’s not that site that you mention that uses proxies, it’s YOU that apparently wants to use a proxy to visit that site. Probably other people that visit it do the same.
          I read the recommended one is only $75 per month for users like you.

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      In decades we never used a proxy.

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Who use proxy

      I have to assume that you meant the following:

      Also, no one I know uses such.

      Now if you were to ask about VPNs, I know a lot of folk use those. Reasons are plentiful but not limited to privacy and GEO relocation.

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      by jaceytome ·

      In reply to Who use proxy

      When the network is accessed through a proxy, network administrators control which devices have access to the network and which sites those devices can visit. You can block undesirable content, as well as any sites you don’t want employees using on company time.

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        No proxy.

        by rproffitt ·

        In reply to proxy

        It’s been 2 decades and no one, no company I know has setup a proxy system.

        Why is that? It’s not as if I don’t work with people and companies. My take is it’s not a good solution today.

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      Reply To: Who use proxy

      by joanieplymptonvoz25 ·

      In reply to Who use proxy

      Proxy servers are crucial for anyone dealing with money or information on the Internet in any way. This is vital information!

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        Reply To: Who use proxy

        by danielabrahamson572 ·

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        Anyone can make use of proxy servers! The proxy server receives and sends client requests to various network services, ensuring that they reach the intended servers. Simultaneously, the client may be unaware that the interaction is taking place through a proxy server. When a proxy server receives a request, it can either quickly send it to the requested resource, return it to the client from its cache, or restrict access to the requested resource. As a result, the proxy server is a critical component of the network architecture. The most crucial factor is to purchase residential proxies buy. You will not receive any profit if the proxy has been inactive for a long period!

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