Who Uses Kismet?

By sanks4545 ·
Who was Kismet, the packet sniffing tool, made for? By who, I mean, script-kiddies, or is it an actual network security tool? I am currently using nmap, scapy, and p0f to fiddle around on my network, finding weak spots, etc and was wondering if Kismet would be a good addition to the tool-set. I like learning about this stuff and I don't want a program that will just DO everything for me, so I can continue to learn the ins and outs of network security.

Does that sound like Kismet?

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No idea. How about Wireshark?

by seanferd In reply to Who Uses Kismet?

Kismet is rather more specifically for detecting wireless networks, then capturing packets, and includes tools for use in intrusion detection. Who was it made for? Same people similar tools are made for - people in charge of networks and their security. Do people use Kismet for wardriving? Don't know, but probably. Same as any such bit of software. It has certainly been used in <i>warcarting</i>, however.

Bear in mind that to use Kismet, you have to have the appropriate equipment for the network you are analyzing. Being this is your own network, this should not be an issue.

P.S., Script kiddies are probably totally clueless about something like Kismet, as it is of no use to their copypasta recipe attacks on computer systems. The wardrivers would get it, though.

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