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Who wants to be a DBA ?

By jabney ·
What makes a person a junior DBA? I have been trying to get into the business for sometime and now that I am in ?IT? I find another window I am looking through and wanting to be part of the party. I am currently doing some database function. Running reports and querying some tables. I started making databases with Access but I am looking to be a DBA and I noticed that it is somewhat hard to get into Clique?. What qualifies you to say that you are a Junior DBA and how do you get into that role ? Inquiring I am trying to get a ?game plan? and suggestions would be great

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I started the same as you

by MirrorMirror In reply to Who wants to be a DBA ?

I started off by teaching myself Access. I then found a job where Access expertise was the requirement. This eventually turned me into an Access DBA. Since I was relatively proficient with Access and could write sql, my company paid for me to get Microsoft certs. I stopped at my MCP in NT 4.0. (Boy does that date me!). I then got a job where they wanted someone who could DBA a very small SQL Server as well as do lots of development. I also did junior Oracle DBA. I then found a job in a little bit larger SQL Server shop. Now I am the DBA at a medium sized shop where I am the only DBA but have several large databases.

There are not very many Junior DBA positions, you will have to look hard for those. The bottomline is that you just need to keep looking for those jobs that will allow you to leverage the experience that you have and will allow you to grow your skills.

I started my career in the late 90's as part of the tech boom. But, I made sure that I actually had the skills.

You should look for a SQL Server or Oracle or whatever user group in your area. I belong to a SQL Server group and they are my mentors. They hold monthly meetings to demonstrate stuff and products. I get to ask questions and have greatly benefitted from their experience.

Keep trying...keep your skills books to teach yourself...look for a job to let you grow.

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grass is always greener on the other side?

by Dr Dij In reply to I started the same as you

I'm in development but took courses in oracle mgmt, uml, etc.

if you really think you could do better in this job or enjoy it more then go for it.

there is consistent demand for dba's and in upper group of pay.

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tips to be dba

by raj_mohabe In reply to Who wants to be a DBA ?

hi my name is raj, and i am working as oracle dba from couple of yrs, before looking for job in dba look into key features or dba, like database creation, database architectures, what is backup & recovery management, what is performance tuning and all. this things are more important to know before going for dba. installation of oracle and all you should learn. and many more things are there..but before that look into this key features.

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I agree

by LewisC1 In reply to tips to be dba


I agree with you. Understand the architecture of the database you want to be a DBA for and half the battle is already won. A DBAs #1 job is being able to recover in the event something bad happens. After you understand the architecture, learn restart/recovery. If you truely understand those, you can all yourself a Jr DBA. But you also have to understand that it will be different for every database. Being a SQLServer DBA does not make you an ORacle DBA.


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As a dba I .......

by 2 Many Connections In reply to Who wants to be a DBA ?

do solemnly (let me emphasize that word) SOLEMNLY swear to be awake 24 hours a day to handle any crises, take my laptop on vacation and check daily for any impending issues, carry a pager or a phone with me in the WC (toilet), give up vacation time, long holiday weekends, other holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fourth of July in order to rebuild, dump/load, recompile the codebase, upgrade the system, migrate the database, and fix user manifested upheavals in data integrity.

But most of the time I really do love my job....


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