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Who will win the Benchmark? UpDated results....

By ---TK--- ·
After seeing the POST about configuring Vista to look like XP, I got my inspiration. I decided that it would be very interesting to run a non biased benchmark test, on each OS. I like each OS for different reasons, and I really doesn't matter to me who wins, I just thought it would be something fun to test out.

The OS's that are going to be ran are Vista sp1, VXP sp1, XP sp1, and XP sp3. The benchmark software that will be ran is Passmark. I have used their software before, and it seems solid and stable. If I finish with time left over I want to throw a couple Linux Distro's in also, just for sh**'s and giggles. Ubuntu 8.10 and PCL2008...

The test is going to be ran on the same PC, and the exact same hardware. I will not run the benchmark until all the drivers are properly installed and the proper updates are installed. After each OS is updated I will run one defrag, reboot and thats it. Then I will run the Benchmark.

System Specifications: Duel socket Xeon's (32bit, 3.06 Ghz, hyper threading enabled), 3.2 GB of OCZ RAM (Clocked at 2-3-2-5 @ 2.8V), AGP ATI 3850 Graphics card, 1 36 GB raptor drive.

I Plan on completing all the installs and tests over the weekend and they should be ready on Monday.

I am leaning towards VXP. So who do you think will win the benchmark test?

I wanted to get the results posted sooner than this... but work has been keeping me a little to busy. Also, at the current time I was unable to get the results of Ubuntu and PCLOS08... They don't seem to like my graphics card, so its going to take a little more work than I expected. So here are the results.

VXP SP1 - 587.4
Vista SP1 - 565.2
XP SP3 - 572.3
XP SP1 - 428.9

I thought for sure that XP SP3 was going to stomp Vista SP1... but who knew it would be so close...

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No idea whatsoever, but I'll speculate anyway

by NickNielsen In reply to Who will win the Benchmar ...

My prediction, fastest to slowest (speculating only, since I have only heard the horror stories and have no direct experience with Vista )

PCLOS 2008

You're going to be busy this weekend, but I'm looking forward to the results.

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:) it wasn't to bad....

by ---TK--- In reply to No idea whatsoever, but I ...

The hardest part was the Linux Distro's... I got hung on Ubuntu, if it wasn't for the damn white screen of death I would have been ok... LOL I knew I should have installed ENVY first thing... O well... **Sigh** live and learn lol... I am going to keep at it though.

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Curious....one question...

by Forum Surfer In reply to Who will win the Benchmar ...

What benchmark will you use to compare m$ to *nix?! I've never benchmarked my suse box, nor any other *nix box. The bench test will have to be the same to have any sort of viable results, like a pi test.

For reference though, when I built my current pc I did similar tests. 3.2 ghz c2d (oc'd from a 2.66), 8gb gskill ram (ddr2 1066 5-5-5-15), veloci-raptor 160gb (dell vendor supplied, different size than commercial untis for some reason)sys drive and a 9600 gt gfcx card.

I tested xp sp3 vs xp64 vs vista business 64. I lost my results I saved somewhere along the way after a 4th format and os install. I was utterly shocked to see that Vista business 64 trumped the others. I used sysmark2004se, sysmark and 3dmark03/06 as well as the pi test. The pi tests were all similar, but there was a noticeable gain with vista versus the others. I settled on running vista64 business. No issues to date other than the lack of cisco vpn support, but we use a cisco asa at work and i connect through anyconnect.

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I was going to....

by ---TK--- In reply to Curious....one question.. ...

try a couple tests on linux, once I got it stable... I was going to try running it under WINE, and see how that went... but I have not been able to get to a point where it would be an accurate test. I am going to continue to work on it though....

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Just for kicks...

by Forum Surfer In reply to I was going to....

I ran a a desktop benchmark on my sql server before I deployed it. I had a huge app that was sql based and ran huge databases with mapping files. It's on the verge of needing to be an oracle solution, but sql handles it just fine. It's a quad amd quad core box with 64 gigs of memory. It literally sucked the paper off of my bench and it got stuck to the intake on power up. :) I've never seen results like that before! It was off the charts! Of course I doubt they were accurate, but it was just for sh!ts and giggles. This beast sits in production now and utilizes between 30 and 60% memory on average.

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by ---TK--- In reply to Just for kicks...

Thats a beast!!

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I know!

by Forum Surfer In reply to Wow....

It had a riser card and a pci-x16 expansion card slot. If I had more time, I intended on bringing an nvidia 9800GTX from home and trying some processor intensive games out like Crysis Warhead.

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I have a very similar system

by JamesRL In reply to Who will win the Benchmar ...

2 Xeon processors running at 3.2 (plus hyperthreading), 4GB of RAM (3.25 recognized), a Radeon 4850.

I have two partitions, one for Vista Home Ultimate SP1(32 bit, only sees one processor) and one for XP Pro SP3 (sees 2 Xeon processors).

I don't know all the things in the Passmark benchmark, but I do know that 3dMark is faster in XP than in Vista, but that networking (downloads) and startup are considerably faster in Vista. So for average surfing, I find Vista faster, for gaming, XP.


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Vista ...

by ---TK--- In reply to I have a very similar sys ...

from what I understand the Only Vista Business and Ultimate are the only two that will (See) more than one CPU by default....


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Yeah I discovered that the hard way...

by JamesRL In reply to Vista ...

When I was researching Vista, I came across a chart that said that Vista Home Ultimate was multi CPU capable. What it meant was multi core.

I would upgrade, but since I'm already using XP for gaming, and it cost $200 for the upgrade, I am waiting.


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