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Who would like

By zlitocook ·
Help from some one that has been around awhile?
I am offering mentoring for new people in the IT field. I am not a guru or a great IT person but I can help you with general questions and how to's.
I will not laugh or joke about your questions.
I will post simple answers and help with the simple questions.
You need a place to ask and learn about the computer or the system you use.

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by lowlands In reply to Who would like

thought that's what this forum was for.

O no, people sometimes do giggle a little

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Well, yes

by NickNielsen In reply to hmmm

But usually only when I'm typing the reply. I don't giggle in the actual post unless I'm supposed to.

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Very Humble

by huoren In reply to Well, yes

No need to be a guru with a string of degrees, so long as the answers help to make it works, just like this private forum in Singapore - where novices gather and help one another.

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And it

by zlitocook In reply to hmmm
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Ok never mind

by zlitocook In reply to Who would like

I will just help the people that had asked locally.
You guys know too much.

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Don't be like that!

by gadgetgirl In reply to Ok never mind

Some of us really appreciate the offer.

Personally, I've just added you to my "people I can ask silly questions to - who won't think I'm stupid" list.... and as there are only four people on there, you're a welcome addition!

Yes, ok, I work in IT, but I specialise in security of information. Which means that I have, for the most part, kept myself semi-technical; mainly in order to be able to see both points of view - technical usage, and day to day usage. So there are some things that people think I should know that I don't.... and vice versa. I may be able to *talk* a good network, but believe me, I could never put one together.

Personally, I know that I don't know enough. I never will. Considering how fast this tech is moving, I probably don't stand a chance - but it's fun trying.

Thanks for the offer zlito; I really appreciate it...

have to warn you though - watch out for some weird, wonderful, oddball and downright silly questions in the not so distant future!!!


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didn't mean any disrespect

by lowlands In reply to Don't be like that! :p

It's great to offer help to people.

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Yes, you did.

by NonTechy In reply to didn't mean any disrespec ...

If Zlito has decided or decides to retract his offer of help, we all lose.

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Perhaps the best way to help is to stay the course

by breadtrk In reply to Who would like

By continuing to post suggestions and answers in the forums you are helping the most people that way, everybody gets to be helped, newbie?s like me and sometimes even dinosaurs like Hal.

A quick look at you posting history certainly tells me that you have much to offer the community, why share your knowledge with just a few when many can benefit?

Everybody always does a quick search for answers before posting stupid questions anyway, right?

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Thanks, any help is good, but experience help is the best!

by lking In reply to Perhaps the best way to h ...

I think that is a great offer. I will put you in my contacts list as well because I need all the help I can get! :)

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