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Who Would You Hire? Certification vs Experience

By mattie289404 ·
Once I received my B.S. degree in Computer Info Science I thought I was set, wrong...just took the first half of A+ certification and have another final test in that one and have Networking+ and MCP to follow. Now I find myself discrimnating against people who do not have a certificaton, afterall, while they were drinking beer I was figuring out how to mount a CPU or investigating the compatible components for a motherboard. So how do certifications play in business/IT world? Would you hire an inexperienced yet qualified person with a bachelors degee in there field and three or four certifications or the H.S graduate with 10 years experience?

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What position am I hiring to fill?

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Who Would You Hire? Certi ...

If it's a supervisory technician job, I'm going with the 10 years of experience. If it's an entry-level technicial slot, I'll take the inexperienced guy with the certs. If it's an entry-level analyst, I'll take the B.S CSci graduate.

It all depends on the job position.

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It all depends

by LarryD4 In reply to Who Would You Hire? Certi ...

Certs are a dime a dozen, I worked as a teacher in a school dedicated to getting people certified.

Its just a cram session to get you cert, their is not enough retention and real world training.

Experience is your best asset.

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Experience is a winner

by scooteroc In reply to Who Would You Hire? Certi ...

After 20+ years, I see certified folks walk in without a clue for the big picture, and the real people you want are those who understand more that what they were tested on.
Your BS degree is not wasted, and neither are certs, they tell something of the person but that alone is not the measure for hiring.
Also, a related BS adds weight to Certs but do not expect to walk in after school to earn six figures or start in architecture.
Good luck

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Depends,if it wasn't a critical position

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Who Would You Hire? Certi ...

and had a good deal of cover. I'd hire you, after all being desperate for experience, you'd be cheaper!

That's seriously crap attitude you've got. You are a mere step away from "I'm qualified, the world owes me a living". Ditch it, otherwise you'll be saying it after every cert you take in order to get your first real job.

Degree and certs coming out of your ears will get you a start, but that's all. It's what you do with them, that success is measured by.

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Degree proves you're interested in it.

by NotSoChiGuy In reply to Who Would You Hire? Certi ...

Cert prove you've read up more on it.

Longevity proves you can apply it (or at least, can manipulate others well enough to get the job done for you...can never have enough managers-in-training).

In terms of preference in hiring, I'd go experience, then degree, then certs.

However, I always reserve the right to choose a 'WOW' candidate over any others. I was once hiring for a help desk position, and I ended up hiring someone that was coming from the bakery at a local grocery chain with no real world tech experience nor educational background in the field. Simply put, she gave the best answers to the questions I posed (common sense and courtesy go a far way with me). A couple years later, she replaced me as supervisor of the department when I left.

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Depends on the Individual Person

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Who Would You Hire? Certi ...

If someone with a Mountain of Certifications was to apply for a job and they had a lousy attitude then they would never be asked back.

Same goes for masses of experience if they have a Bad Attitude I will not employ them. I personally look at the Individual and see how motivated they are. That to me is the most important thing the more motived that they are the easier they are to train and the less supervision they need after you have trained them. Being willing to ask for Help is also a Biggy as no one person knows it all and as they say 2 brains on a problem are better than one. Unless of course they have both been involved on this issue from the start then you need to bring in someone else.

I'll say the same thing that I was told when I was at Uni many years ago and it's the most important lesson that I learned and made it worth that FUD.

That bit of Paper only gives you the right to go out and start learning your trade.


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The Lightbulb Went Off

by mattie289404 In reply to Depends on the Individual ...

Thanks HAL 9000 that put things in perspective...absolutely get the ed to get your foot in the door then the rest in on me..thanks I think I am ok now..

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Your Welcome. <NT>

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to The Lightbulb Went Off
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Hire Experience

by GNX In reply to Who Would You Hire? Certi ...

I need a job. I don't have a degree or certs. What I have learned I have learned on the job. I repair and install PCs and printers. I also have verbal and written skills that are not taught in school.

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I need to hire a desk side support temp for about 4 months

by franharry2 In reply to Who Would You Hire? Certi ...

If you know anyone interested and is in DC area, they can send me an email and I will provide more details. The person needs to have experience with Vista, Office 2007 and Lotus Notes (preferably Notes

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