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By titanblue09 ·
Hi folks. I really enjoy this site and the emails I receive. Most are really interesting.
Hope I'm not out of line with this question?
I'm thinking of opening an electronics store specializing in refurbished PC sales and repair service.
Just wanting some direction on recommended hardware suppliers , software suppliers and possible suppliers for refurbished laptops and PCs without having to buy large quantities?........... just some hints on companies that offer good prices and good service?

Thanks for any help.

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A couple of things you need to know about Second Hand Computers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Wholesale Parts

When you sell these they need to come with the M$ Install Media or M$ can charge you with Piracy. Even if there is a COA on the case.

There are several Resellers here who have been hit with this on the secondhand units that they sell and it doesn't matter that the Product Key on the OS Agrees with the COA because there is no Install Media Supplied they get taken for a ride by M$ to the tune of at least 1/4 Million $ + Legal Expenses.

Officially M$ want you to supply new Install Media which covers Windows & Office with each computer or not supply it with an M$ Product loaded on it.

As for suppliers of Second Hand equipment those places that specialize in Ex Government Machines are always easy but probably not the cheapest source.

As for Wholesalers you'll need to look in your area as to who you can buy from which isn't a problem just make sure that you have the better parts in stock or available easily.


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Licensing IS the main issue.

by 1bn0 In reply to Wholesale Parts

You have to be able to PROVE the machine has a license or you have to provide a new one.

I reacll an article where a retired telecom tech in the Telephone Pioneers, wa refurbishing computers to donate to schools.

He was able to get Dell to provide a copy the original sales invoice, reflecting the inclusion of a WINdows License with the computer in question. This was required for every unit. I do not recall if other manufactures were accomodating his this or not.

I did search for the artcile but I am not finding anything.

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