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Who's responsible for what?

By dbuley ·
I was previously Finance & IT Manager. Due to company growth I've been promoted to Director of Finance & Admin while a colleague has been promoted to Director of IT. My colleague rightly looks after the tech support crew, website development, hardware budgeting, attends meetings as CIO etc. Lately though he has been assuming that he is in charge of mobile (cell) phone provisioning and contracts, software contract negotiation, air conditioning, even the office security tags. He even instructed reception to route these sorts of calls through to him without my knowledge. I also see my role as ordering and paying for hardware once decided upon but my colleague is buying it on his credit card presumable so that I can't see the purchases. My question is...where would normally the IT Director's job functions stop and the Finance Director's job begin? Or is my nose just out of joint because I'm trying to hold on to some old roles.

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Lines of responsibility

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Who's responsible for wha ...

Sounds like you, the new guy, and probably your boss need to sit down and discuss who does what.

In many firms the IT department is responsible for some of the things you mentioned, and he may just be assuming these come under his area.

On the other hand, this business with the credit card sure smells fishy. How is he getting reimbursed to pay off the card debt?

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Credit card purchases

by dbuley In reply to Lines of responsibility

He submits his credit card statement and the invoices to be reimbursed and maintains that as the expenditure is under his budget, why should it matter how the equipment is paid for. In Australia, we get frequent flyer miles based on credit card expenditure so buying hardware this way is quite lucrative points-wise.

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A couple of reasons

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Credit card purchases

Many companies require the use of formal purchase orders. This makes it easier to track the department who paid for it, the date of purchase, etc. Use of a credit card and reimbursement from an expense account can result in the loss of this data, since the manager will be keeping his credit card statements, not the company.

Another reason is the use of personal credit cards makes it easier for the buyer to steer the business to personal contacts and potential kickback payments. I am certainly -not- saying that is what the manager in the topic posting is doing, just that the use of a personal credit card does make this sort of arrangement easier.

Finally, some companies prefer the use of company cards, not personal ones. This way the benefits, especially frequent flier miles, go to a company account and can be used for the company's benefit, not the individual's.

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Terms of contract

by Neil Higgins In reply to Lines of responsibility

What does it say on your terms of contract,the bit about job description.If mine said "in charge of software and hardware budget",and a collegue elsewhere was paying for stuff via his gold-card,I'd want to know why.Palmetto has said it all really.All of you need to sit down,and discuss (nicely) the issues you've mentioned.

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No contract in place (yet)

by dbuley In reply to Terms of contract

Because these roles changed with a new incoming CEO, and because both of us had worked in the company for over 5 years, job descriptions and contracts weren't thought of. However, I take your point that it is time to sit down and sort it out. Thanks for your input.

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Well he's responsible

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Who's responsible for wha ...

for recomending purchase to meet a need, you are responsible or agreeing either a budget or the actual purchase. Get him a company credit card. If he doesn't want one, well you've just got to ask yourself why.
He sounds like a regular and succesful empire builder, I've worked with a few. They work on the principle that if no one else has visibly taken responsibility for a function, then they will, the authority comes with it. Compete if you want or leave him to it. It's up to you, but the one things guy's like this hate is oversight.

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by Dr Dij In reply to Well he's responsible

seems odd that he's responsible for what usually falls under some kind of facilities person. IT director's time may be too valuable for this kind of work, anyone can call the A/C guy out to fix stuff, should probably be someone else unless you are so small a company there is no facilities guy.

So if a toilet breaks, he's the one to call janitor or plumber to fix it?

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Yepp you gotta watch all the money - its your job

by rswanson In reply to Who's responsible for wha ...

I see your concern and rightly so. I have an agreement with the CFO of our corporation. I drive the IT and she drives the money if we don't have the money then it is up to me to channel dollars for projects that I want to make happen.

Cell phones and routine costs are her job. Of course we are always trying to purchase new toys to make our jobs easier but we still need to step into these devices slowly so the hidden charges don't eat us and our budgets alive.

I would recommend having what we call a "Come to Jesus Meeting" we sit down, check our mental baggage and hidden agenda's at the door and develop a plan the will be flexible and work for all parties even those who are not at the immeadiate table.

Shoot for the Win-Win for everyone and you will all be smiling even 6 months from now when you are reviewing your budget and he is geekin' out on all his new tools. The tools should make the geeks more products...that is the balance that you should demand from you IT Director if you authorize the funds.

NO WAY should your IT Director be placing any company items on his personal credit card...are you a publicly traded company, he might be breaking the law when he does that.

Best of luck and try to make the discussion business not personal.

Roger Swanson
Computer Network Enterprises, Inc.

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