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Who's sick and tired of hearing about SCO/IBM/Linux?

By HAL 9000 Moderator ·
Well maybe it's because it is now 2.30 am but I am honestly sick and tired of getting constant press reports of what happened today between SCO/IBM/Linux and God only know who else.

Talk about a media beatup this is something that the courts will settle and a long time from now as well and I for one am feed up to the back teath with hearing "The Lattest Developments" as they are occuring almost in real time.

By the time this gets to court it will be long forgoten that it originally started with a copyrite infrigment aledged by SCO against IBM and will be the Battle of the OS's.

Anyone else feel the same?

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by Simpatico In reply to Who's sick and tired of h ...

Get some sleep and maybe you will think better in the morning.

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Based on zero repies - I guess. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Who's sick and tired of h ...


Maybe you should start the thread title with: I hate Microsoft, and then whatever follows - even if it's not related. That'll get some replies.

Or: I hate Bush and Who's sick and tired of hearing about SCO/IBM/Linux?

There ya' go.

By the way, I'm not familiar with what you're talking about, but it sounds as though this is another case of the media beating a dead horse to death.


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Amazing. . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Based on zero repies - I ...

When I posted my "Zero replies" message, someone else was posting one as well - at the same time.

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Actually you're dead right about the media

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Amazing. . . .

Flogging a dead horse on this one as they seem to want to turn a simple breack OS item where SCO is attempting to shut down Linux in a single ****.

But actually SCO is sueing IBM for $100 Million and claiming that IBM has inserted some of its Unix Code into Linux. Even though SCO has taken the step of sending out 15,000 e-mails to various companies over the world attempting to extort money from them if they use Linux by attempting to get them to pay a licence fee even before the case is ever heard. IBM has counter sued SCO for something else.

And the press is just crawling all over the whole mess and making things up as they go along. But once I get the same story from the same source on 4 occasions in 1 night it is just a bit too much for me.

I for one can't wait for the court case to get started and then we might get some actually news comming out instead of the current rubbish.

But I'm not interested in trying to get people interested by false impressions so by the lack of responces I just gather that no one in the US is interested.

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I would gladly trade. . .

by maxwell edison In reply to Actually you're dead righ ...

...your IBM/SCO/etc. news coverage for OUR Kobe Bryant news coverage. I'm sick of hearing about Kobe Bryant - ENOUGH ALREADY!

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Rumors and Propaganda

by Mythmaker In reply to I would gladly trade. . .

One good outcome of this whole mess is I have started up a free BSD machine. (They have already been through this court battle) By the time the Laywers have racked up enough time sheets Linus will have Grand Childern and the Kernal will be at Version 6.0

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by peteingham In reply to Who's sick and tired of h ...

What's SCO?

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SCO is

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

The supplier of Unix bassicly and for a more indepth look just try,4148,1252499,00.asp

This is only a small sample of the junk that I've been getting for months now.

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Actually that should read

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to SCO is


Now lets see if the space between the full Stop and ASP at the end of the URL

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What is SCO?

by Esher72 In reply to

SCO is a washed up, has-been software company that bought the administrative rights to enforce Unix copyrights from Novell (sort of; it is very unclear as to what they actually paid for now since Novell said that SCO did not have the right to terminate IBM's Unix license because that right was not transferred to them, blah, blah, blah). SCO was a failing company that attempted to throw their hat into the Linux arena and was unable to be successful. They brought in a CEO who is no stranger to litigation and they are employing litigation as a business model. They can't sell anything to make money so they are going to sue. They have a hired gun attorney working on contingency that if the company was sold today, he would walk away with 20% of the profit. So basically SCO is a dying company that is trying to litigate on its way out. It's working so far though. Their stock is through the roof. At least until the SEC starts to look a little closer... time will tell.

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