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Whose has right to buy / Test before roll out

By sysnetmgr ·
I am a network administrator in a large secondary school. Subjet teachers are always buying "educational" subject specific software, or buying into testing software produced by "educational bodies". They buy it then expect me to load it and make it available across the network. I want to know if anyone has a policy or rule about buying software and testing before rolling out over a network. I always get blamed for it not working properly, eventhough I repeatedly request that they test the software before planning on using it across the curriculum. Can any one help me devise a get out clause or a remit to make the users buy and test their software responsibly.

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Most organisations already have policies on

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Whose has right to buy / ...

what can and cannot be put on the system. The basic rule for most is that nothing goes on until AFTER it has been thoroughly checked out by a team or end users and tech staff - any costs involved to be met by the area wanting it on. If your organisation does not have any such policy I wonder what IT policies they do have as controlling extra software is usually on of the first. I suggest you may wish to look at this item from the TR sales area - it is a CD on IT policies. It should give you a good idea of what else you need.

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Writing the policies

by sysnetmgr In reply to Most organisations alread ...

Thanks. The thing is we have no policies, I am trying to write them because we are getting so big, and things are getting political. I have read other available policies provided by Tech Republic news letters and wondered if anyone had a software purchasing / installation policy. I may have a look at that book!

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If you are starting from scratch you will need

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Writing the policies

a book like that to make sure you cover all the important bases.

As I said before the general policy in organisations that I know the policies of (govt depts, govt agencies, big companies, govt schools, private schools) is that NOTHING is installed onto the network except by the IT people and then only AFTER the software has been thoroughly checked out in a test environment at the expense of the unit wanting it put in. Time to install and get it working is billed to the unit wanting the software, and all support is chargeable to the unit. In small organisations testing will often comprise of installation on a stand alone PC not on the network, and it is tested for user needs and then examined by IT for compatibility with existing network set up.

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testing not the only problem

by drfez In reply to Whose has right to buy / ...

You may have a problem with unlawful copying in accordance to the license agreement issued with the software. That puts the school at risk of violation of the copyright laws and could subject them to large fines and penalties. Go to the trade association for IT Asset Managers and get an opinion on the risks involved.

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