wht is differene between IP adress& port number

By shoaib nohri ·
why the IP adress and port number is necessry at the server and client side

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Request for Clarification

by markp24 In reply to Clarifications

Did anyones suggestion help you out?

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by Tony Hopkinson In reply to wht is differene between ...

IP address is the machine, port is the service.
ie if you had a machine that was a web and ftp server (and you used the defaults), you would talk to it on port 80 for http and port 20 for FTP.

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An alternate way of thinking about it

by markp24 In reply to wht is differene between ...

hope this helps clarify it,

think of it this way, the ipaddress is the house on the street, the port is all the windows/doors you can talk to the person inside through.

does that help?

so the ip is like this port 20
10 is the country
11 is the state
12 is the town
13 is the house number
20 is the door to the house you will use (garage door, side door, main entrance)

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Reponse To Answer

by shoaib nohri In reply to An alternate way of think ...

thanks lot sir u removed my all confusion

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Or another way:

by seanferd In reply to wht is differene between ...

There is almost nothing similar between a port and an IP address.

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Yet Another IP:Port Analogy

by oldbaritone In reply to wht is differene between ...

Think of the electronics store with the entire wall covered with televisions.

The IP address is anomalous to "which TV you watch"

and the Port is like "which channel is it watching?"

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another analogy

by phattbluntz In reply to wht is differene between ...

if an IP address were a phone number,
a port would be an extension number

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