why a computer system keep restating after being turned on

By donmareno ·
after my computer system was tunerd on, i saw the normal boot up setting as in windows xp, an then suddenly it just restarted. And from that instants the computer then asked me to choose an option weather safe mode on which i did choose, but it keeped on restarting and asking to choose the same thing again over an over angain.

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Do you get a blue screen

by Jacky Howe In reply to why a computer system kee ...

By default when WinXP encounters a system failure, it reboots without warning.
The setting that controls this can be changed: Control Panel/System/Advanced/Settings (Startup & Recovery)/System Failure/Uncheck-Automatically Restart.
When you get the Blue Screen take note of Stop: 0X00000000 and post the information it could give us a clue as to where to start looking.

You may be able to press the Pause/Break toggle to get the error message.

The computer may automatically restart, or you may receive a serious error message or a Stop error message

Also check the Capacitors around the CPU for swelling or bulging.

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check if

by .Martin. In reply to why a computer system kee ...

all the fans are spinning in it..

it might be overheating

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The 2 main things that cause this to happen

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to why a computer system kee ...

Are either Hardware Issues where the System is overheating or the Overheating Temp is set too low int he BIOS and causes the system to restart constantly.

Or the Power Supply is failing and breaking down on the High Load of the Restart.

Or the Software has been corrupted and you need to repair the OS Files.

To check the first you need to use a Boot Disc like The Ultimate Boot CD available free from here

If the system continues to run when it boots from this Disc you need to repair the Installed OS and this varies depending on which OS you have installed.

If it makes no difference you need to look in the BIOS for the Temp Settings that can be listed under the System Health Screen of the BIOS but depending on the actual M'Board it may be in a different location.

If that is correct you and this is a Desktop computer you need to replace the Power Supply with a Known Good one.


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Check Disk

by helix2301 In reply to why a computer system kee ...

Run a check disk off of your windows media cd.

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