Why after installing "Windows System Control Center (Windows)" did?

By kencook38 ·
While installing subject program that I downloaded today from your site and at your recommendation, I received a warning from my AVG that there were many suspicious files. I committed them to the virus vault where they were all rated PUP in severity all with name of "potentially harmful program Logger.IAC, HackTools:.DOI,. LO, .OBH, .MOZ, .LQA, .MHC, .OIB, .NTK, .MYI, .CBX, .MVJ, .HEL, .NFX, .IGG, and .OBI". What's going on and should I be concerned?
Thank you, Ken Cook

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Well without downloading and installing

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why after installing "Win ...

I would say that what you are seeing are called False Positives and are the result of what this application actually does.

AVG is incorrectly interpreting these as Infection Like Activities because of what they do in Updating existing applications.

This isn't an uncommon occurrence with a lot of this type of application.

However if you want a answer from TR you should contact them directly and not post a question on the Q&A Forum which is answered by TR Peers not TR itself.


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That is because of the tools you downloaded into the WSCC.

by seanferd In reply to Why after installing "Win ...

Did you notice what some of the names of the tools are - what they do? Of course an AV is going to detect these as capable of things like recovering passwords. It is just that type of utility you are installing.

Now, if you can't trust the tools <i>from Microsoft</i>, you may as well get rid of Windows. NirSoft tools are perfectly fine, too. You control them, they don't do stuff on their own and phone home about it.

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by kencook38 In reply to Why after installing "Win ...

Thank all for the replies. They reinforce my suspicions. Sorry for posting a question in the "Q&A" (It was a question I posed, wasn't it?).
As far as trusting seems to me that I get weekly security updates from MS. No, I don't trust MS 100 %. Do you?
Ken Cook

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Reponse To Answer

by seanferd In reply to DUH

LOL, no. But you already have their OS installed, so you may as well go for broke.

And, actually, the original versions of the tools were written by Sysinternals, which was bought by MS, and the original authors still maintain the tools, and work for MS now. Good guys, IMO.

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Well I implicitly trust M$

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why after installing "Win ...

But I just know that they are going to Screw Me Over at every opportunity I give them.

As for Thinking that they would do the right thing I'm not quite that crazy yet.


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