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Why all the negativity about managment in this forum?

By dacook ·
I have noticed the trend over last year on these boards to trash bosses and IT Management in general.

So, I am asking what you like about your job and what positive things has your current employer done to make your work environment positive?

Or, let me turn it a different way, what have you done to make your current place of employment a better place for everyone?

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Flex hours

by CrashOverider In reply to Why all the negativity ab ...

My boss has realized that I do a lot of my work after hours (usually between 11 pm and 3 am) so he has modified my work hours from 8-5 with an hour lunch to 9-5 without a lunch and when I come in late he does not say anything either. He also will give me some comp time (when I ask for it) to make up for the late hours.

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by compootergeek In reply to Why all the negativity ab ...

I haven't noticed a lot of trashing of IT management. I've come across TR people that question it, but it appears that they have a need to gain an understanding of it.
It's what TR is for, I thought. Yes, some may abuse this free privilege....
It's good practice for the TR members to see what else is out there in the world, besides the one world THEY live in.
I encourage people to express themselves, honestly. And I encourage them to listen, just as well.
A question I have is, "How can people gain an understanding of their experiences if they can't question them?" TR blogs and discussions make for a good resource in getting some of their answers.
Maybe things will get better for these TR users, maybe they won't.
Maybe your posting here will encourage others to question IT management in a more positive way (?)
Best of wishes in recieving the answers

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Well let's see

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Why all the negativity ab ...

If you are a bad tech who can you successfully blame for it ?
If you are a bad manager who can you successfully blame for it?

Which group of techs got together and said I think we should all be outsourced ?

Which group said we are not really critical to the business function in the short term, lets lay ourselves off ?

You as a manager provide the environment we get techy in. If it's not a good one that's your fault, not ours.

Lot's of office politics, your fault.
Burn outs, your fault
Unhappiness due to lack of salary / prospects your fault.
No job security, your fault
Predjudice, cliques, favouritism, your fault.

Us bottom feeding types on the management food chain, can only do two things to address the sitaution.
Complain and put ourselves on the next train out.
Put ourselves on the next train out.

I personally work for a very big company, they have excellent staff retention rates, good salary, excellent environment. I'm also considered by them to be pretty good at what I do.

So expain why one week after the firm gave us a celebratory dinner having completed a major enhancement to the software suite on time and reasonably on budget working our asses off for ten months, we all got put at risk for a redundancy round.
Totally out of the blue, no intimation of disaster, nothing. I'd relocated there nine months previous.

Negative about management, cannot imagine why.

Now could say I should be positive about the fact that I kept my job, but I still don't know why I was put at risk and I still haven't been told why I didn't get let go.

So the negativity is gained through personal experience.

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Stay on task

by The Old Man In reply to Well let's see

Everything you needed to learn you learned when you were 5. Obvously you missed this step.

Let's see, what value did you add to the post

1. It's always some else's fault!

2. It's never your fault.

3. It's always someone's fault.

Are you saying that no boss has ever done anything positive for you Or are you just ranting to rant?


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Read it again

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Stay on task

When I drop a bollock, I hold up my hand and say so.
Do you ?

You do understand that it may be of benefit to your standing as a manager within a company to do things that are not benefits to those who work for you.

Or did you miss that bit ?

Now personally I can live with that as long as you don't say you are doing it for ME !

A positive department is based on the manager and his people doing well, if doing well means sticking your people on welfare and outsourcing, positive goes well negative doesn't it !

Why would someone be positive about being made redundant ?
It might make you look good as a manager, but it's unlikely to do crap for the git under the exit sign is it.

At your next appraisal, I suggest, you suggest you need to work on responding more positively to criticism.

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Well let's see....

by lnxliz In reply to Well let's see

Beautifully written. I could not agree more.

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Completely agreed

by w2ktechman In reply to Well let's see

And shared of some experiences. In fact I was a part of a big celebratory meeting in which we were all told that we were doing a better job than in any previous period. Custonmer satisfaction was at an all time high.
1 week later, half the staff was let go.....the other half was overworked and eventually failed to perform to anything near what it did. Customer complaints often. I guess I was lucky, I lost my job on the 1/2 staff cut.

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one thing i have found over and over

by Bluron In reply to Well let's see

is it so much easier to complain and point fingures than it is to try and change things in a positive manner. i invite you to step into the shoes of management for one week. to do that, really look at what they do and understand why things happen the way they do. do you really believe the managers have that much control over what a company does?
lets look at your list a bit. outsourcing, why was that done. what was accomplished by it (other than pissing you off). who told the manager to outsource?
burn outs? managers burn out too. whos fault is that, still theirs?
unhappiness due to lack of salary and progress. what is the companies policy on raises and promotions? if your not getting these things is it really the managers fault?
job security? managers are at risk of losing their jobs also. remember there is either a president or a board of directors the manager must answer to. if the manager does not show growth and profit, he's out.
predjudice, cliques, that can be created by any one in the company, doesn't have to be the manager. favouratism, that is a human failing and if you have a boss that likes suck ups, then i have little use for them too.
it is so very easy to convince ourselves that someone else is always to blame for our problems. i am not saying all managers are good, just like not all IT techs are good. in more cases than not, the manager is stuck in the middle, **** rolling down from on top and **** being shovled from below. maybe trying to understand the situation causing the problem and finding a positive solution would better serve all than sitting on your hands and pointing at one group and saying they are to blame for everything. as for office politics, the worst people for playing that game are the workers themselves. i've spent 30 years managing people in one industry to another. some people i got along with famously, others turned out to be a constant war. personalities don't always match and that causes friction, but to say managers anre souly responsible for your problems is pretty immature. they are not perfect and i don't think you are either. give each other a chance, try working with them instead of us them mentality. you might be supprised. if i am wrong and your manager is a real jerk, like i said they are only human and nobody is perfect.

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That's two now

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to one thing i have found ov ...

The question was negativity towards management, not line managers, department managers, but the people running the company.

I know what my job is, do you know yours?

Simple question, if it benefits the company, or even the manager to get rid of me, why am I expected to be positive about this, for you ?
the company ?

Try to understand the problem, the problem is very simple, I won't work for nothing so the shareholders can have their values maximised.
Try to understand that.

I worked my way up from the bottom to the heady heights of senior developer, no certs, no degree, just a lot a hard work, that my managers and my employers have are and will benefit from. If I cost more than I add value, they're asking me to do the wrong thing. I'm a developer !

I do tell them when that's happening, but of course there's a cash flow problem hampering the possibly of investment, or I can't say it's risk free!

Just to make it clear, I'm a tech because I like it and I'm damn good at it, not because I was too stupid to be a manager.

Bearing in mind my first day at work was in Jan 81, and I've spent less than six months in total out of work since then. Describing me as immature because you took my post as a personal attack is hilarious.

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can't be a personal attack

by Bluron In reply to That's two now

i have been retired now since 1992, i have nothing to prove and nothing to disprove. the point being made in regards to immaturity lies with the fact that you were blameing all ills on management. that attitude is immature and does not do you justice. re-read what is written, you will see that i also blame management, only difference is i also blame workers. try wrapping your mind around that and don't take things so personal. life is much to short to be so cynical this early in life. enjoy life and if you enjoy being an IT tech horay for you. too many people work at jobs they do not like because they have no choice. if you are lucky enough to work at what you like fabulos but please take some responsiblilty for your own grief at times.

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