Why am I being cheated

By chrselmore ·
Hope I explain this right,

I have a program called bandwidth monitor and it works just fine. My problem is with the admin of our network. I'm in Iraq and we are limited to 250MB per week downloading.. We have a Cisco router and the admin constantly says we are over and cuts of our connection till the next week. My bandwidth monitor program can't be wrong and I have never went over 200MB according to my program.

I was wondering if the program that accesses the Cisco router is showing upload and download numbers together and is this the cause of us constantly being turned off. I know for a fact I don't go over but we all need proof he is looking at the numbers wrong so we can continue to E-Mail our families without being turned off every Tuesday. We are then forced to wait till Sunday before we can get a connection again.

Any answers will be greatly be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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