Why am I getting error 404 all of a sudden when viewing pages I use?

By gonzo300pig ·
I have been viewing the same pages for years looking up crimnal records. Now I get error 404. Microsoft doesn't seem to help. Any clues? I know I am still using XP home edition, a desktop. Otherwise it works fine. I don't really want a smartphone, or need one. Any clues? Or is this just a way to force people to upgrade?

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Could be the Browser you are using

by OH Smeg In reply to Why am I getting error 40 ...

Unfortunately IE has gone it's own way as I suppose Microsoft attempt to force companies to follow their lead which many are not.

Browsers like FireFox and Chrome which seems to be what most of the Web Sites are developed to display best on now seem to be taking over the Web. Could be a result of a New Development Platform that is the preferred Platform for Web Developers to use or just that IE is even more unstable than it has been in the past but no matter the reason IE seems to be falling from Favor with most people and other than Sites which Specifically You Must use IE to look at most Web Sites no longer are overly stable when you attempt to view with IE.

The OS isn't as important here as I find that things are just as bad with IE9 under Windows 7 as they are with IE8 running on XP. I currently mainly use XP as the Main OS in use and all of my current Customers use it as well. They insist that any new supplied systems come loaded with XP no matter what the Makers want to supply.


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have you tried

by Sue T In reply to Why am I getting error 40 ...

viewing the sites in compatability mode? You do not say what version of IE you are using. Have you tried viewing those sites with a different browser on your computer?

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you can try a couple of things in order to reduce the possible causes.

by databaseben In reply to Why am I getting error 40 ...

option 1 - try a different browser and see if the 404 still presents itself or not.

option 2 - try booting up to safe mode with networking and see if the browsers still produce a 404 error.

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