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Why am I here!

By bgarner67 ·
I just started a job a few months ago. My direct support setup a thin client environment, which runs itself. This is a startup facility that has quite a bit of opportunities to setup procedures and policies. I am in a telecom/Data environment and backup the telecom person.
My question is, how do I educate the Operations Mgr about what I do? She knows nothing about data/networks nor does she care to know. But I am feeling as if I need to validate my existence

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A cautionary tale

by GuruOfDos In reply to Why am I here!

One day, a bird was flying south for the winter. He'd left it a bit late and after a couple of hundred miles, his wings were getting cold and he was starting to sieze up. He carried on flying for as long as he could but eventually tiredness overcame him and he gave up. He plummeted out of the sky and headed towards the ground.

As he made his final headlong descent towards terra firma, he offered up his final prayers to the great Bird God and closed his eyes expecting a terminal impact. As luck would have it, he hit ground on a piece of pasture containing cows. One had just vacated it's bowels, and our feathered friend landed slap-bang dead centre in a nice soft runny cow-pat. After a few moments he realised he wasn't dead. Within a minute or so, the heat from the dung began to thaw him out and warm him up. Mightily pleased with this turnround in his fortunes, he began to sing in celebration.

A farm cat, who was snooping around, heard the singing and went to investigate. He spotted the little bird in the cow pat, pulled him out...

and ate him!

The morals of the story are these: He who drops you in the s*** is not necessarily your enemy. He who gets you out of the s*** is not necessarily your friend. Finally, if you are in the s*** but happy...keep your damn mouth shut!

If you are employed and being paid, NEVER ask why you are there. Someone MAY take notice and realise that you are not necessary after all!

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Off topic friday Yuk

by Oz_Media In reply to A cautionary tale

You reminded me of an old one about being optimistic.

A large toy company is doing some psychological tests on childrens views of optimism and pessimism to help them market toys at Christmas.

They find two 8 year old boys and send each one into a different room. One filled with toys, the other knee deep in horse manure.

A few hours pass and they decide to check on boy #1. in the toy room. He was sitting in the coner bawling his eyes out. When asked what was wrong, he said; "all these toys are boring! The submarine broke, the GI Joe came apart, and even the building blocks don't fit together right!"

They then went to room number two, the horse manure room. The kid was giggling away while slinging horse crap all over the place. He had it in his hair, it was on the walls, door, ceiling and he was happy as...well... manure.
They asked why he was so happy; the kid looked up with bright eyes and said, "With all this horse manure there's just GOT to be a pony in here somewhere!!!"

No matter how knee deep in it you are, there's always a light at the end of the tunnel of you stay positive.

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by bgarner67 In reply to A cautionary tale

The point I'm trying to make is simply not being employed and collecting a paycheck. Nor do I have an attitude as if I have been defeated. I just need to make the Director understand in non-technical terms what my contributions are to our business.
Thank you

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Please clarify!

by GuruOfDos In reply to

You NEED to make the Director understand? Precicely WHY??

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by Hargerd In reply to Why am I here!

Being in the same boat myself...It's "Good to Talk" but somtimes safer not to!!

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The Meaning of Life

by maxwell edison In reply to Why am I here!

Gee, I thought this was going to be another off-topic "meaning of life" question. But on that same note, what is the meaning of your job? Do you feel like you're contributing? Do you feel useful? Do you feel as though you're making contributions? Are you happy doing these things? If yes, then be content in knowing as much. If no, then perhaps you should re-evaluate what you're doing.

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Been there done that

by Oz_Media In reply to Why am I here!

Exact same problem!!

here's how it was resolved, first of all, I wasn't inly being held accountable for my time but was also not trusted with ANYTHING she wanted her paws on it all, even when she didn't understand it.

I started to include her in EVERYTHING!! She got a daily work report, several questions by phone and then I asked her to perform tasks by phone when she needed things done.

If she wanted to know what I did all day, I'd just phone her and ask her to login in order to update the Inoculate client, then I'd notify her of new virus threats. THen I'd send her performance reports, then... She got EVERYTHING thrown at her, "for her interest'. This gave her a sense that she didn't want to know what I did each day. If I cleaned a workstation, I'd call her and say I was just performing routine maintenance, was her computer screen in need of cleaning and when could I get at her tower and keyboard to clean them. she loved the virus information daily. What's new, what not to open etc. (At least I think she did)

It took a year, then she started to give me some more rope, asked less questions etc.

Bottom line though, you are en employee. You are responsible for ensuring that your emplyer gets value for money and that they are assured you are working. A daily work log, get more and more detailed, offer technical stuff she wouldn't understand etc. will help. My former operations manager had NO idea about networking, she now feels she does. also by sending her hoards of irrelevamt info, she did pick up a general idea of what's involved when you say, update workstations. She had a new appreciation for my position by the time I left and is now much easier on the new tech.

She has a right to question your every move and ask you to justify very second you are being paid.
If you feel it is unjust, get a job as a labourer or union worker, you will soon learn about overdone accountability.

Throw it in her face, worst case scenario, she asks yo not to. Then she can't cmolpain that you're not working.

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