Why am I losing connectivity to network devices?

By jhill ·
I have a Windows Server 2003 R2 with SP2 Virtal Machine connected to a Cisco 2960 GiG switch. It trunks to a

Cisco 3560G switch with a connection to a Cisco 2950 switch. The 3560G has multiple SVI's configured. The 2950

connects to subscribers and network devices for a wireless network. The wireless network is a flat network

composed of private addresses (for network equipment management) and public addresses (subscriber routers). The

Windows Server has PRTG installed.

The problem is the Windows box sometimes can not PING a device on the wireless network. With another computer

connected to the same switch, as the Windows Server, it can PING the device. Once the second computer gets

replies, the Windows Server starts getting replies. After a few minutes of continuous PINGs, the Server stops

getting replies but the other computer gets them. Then, they switch. The Server gets replies and the 2nd

computer times out.

I cleared the ARP table on the Server and everything works for a few minutes on both the Server and 2nd

computer. After a few minutes, the PINGs timeout on one or both boxes.

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