Why am I unable te install S P 3 on my Windows xp machine?

By thomas.moore ·
I have automatic update selected, But partway through it fails because "It says c:\windows
\system 32\ntdl.dll is open or in use by another appl'n. Close and retry . Then an internal erroroccures causing a SP 3 Error I would apreciate any suggestions
T Moore

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try this

by markp24 In reply to Why am I unable te insta ...


First reboot your pc. then try downloading the sp3 from microsofts site
And try intalling it, if that still fails
scan you system for malware, viruses etc.
If it still failes you may want to do a clean reload of your PC and just install windows xp, your drivers, then sp3 before anything else.

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Did you read all the instructions/release notes?

by seanferd In reply to Why am I unable te insta ...

You may need to make exceptions with, or turn off, security software, among other things.

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In addition to the above

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why am I unable te insta ...

What type of Computer do you actually have.

While it was common for a lot of systems that had AMD CPU's to do this there was at least one Acer Model with a Intel CPU that had a problem with the Slipstreamed Image that it's maker made and installed Windows XP from. The actual CPU caused a conflict with the Service Pack and you needed to run a script to get around the issue.

But without knowing which system you have it's not likely that I could point you to a fix if it's a Makers induced Hardware Issue.


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xp sp 3 installation

by thomas.moore In reply to Why am I unable te insta ...

with ref to my question , Maby thanks for your suggestions ,I will try them all asap
thomas kmoore

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Installation Error

by Vikramaery In reply to Why am I unable te insta ...

I would recommend you to download the off-line windows xp sp-3.
Before installing offline you need to do some settings.
Like, : 1. Disable Anti virus, Login with administrator account, Reset registry setting (permission).
The link which will help you is below: (for troubleshoot in offi-line install of SP-3) (for SP-3 download).

Brackets does not include in the above URL they are only for reference.
Hope this will help you for sure.

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