Why are accents replaced by ?'s in black diamonds in some i/c messages?

By handsomeprints ·
When I receive some french emails, each accented letter is instead replaced by a white question mark inside a black diamond. This happens only with some incoming messages. Here is some data from the email header for one such message:

X-Mailer: AtMail 1.02
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"

From what I've read, this is likely due to improper encoding by the mail program used to send the message, is that correct? Can this be rectified on my end?

With the message displayed, if I go to Other Actions -> Encoding and change the encoding from Unicode to Western European, the question marks are replaced by "????".

Thank you in advance for any help!

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RE:- is that correct?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Why are accents replaced ...

Yes that is correct. The sender E Mail Client is not interpreting the Character Set correctly if the message was typed into their Mail Client.

However if it was typed into a Word Processor and then Cut & Pasted tot he Mail Client it's the mail client again not correctly interpreting the ASCII Set.

As to if you can correct this at your end maybe if it's just a conflict between the Charter Set you have installed and the one that is sending you can install the Keyboard Layout that the sender is using at your end. In windows you can find this in the Control Panel under Regional & Language Options.

However if it's a error with the way that the Mail Client is interpreting the text that is entered into it then no you can not do anything at your end to correct the problem.


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Additional information

by handsomeprints In reply to Why are accents replaced ...

Note that this issue affects approximately 10% of emails with accented characters. From what I can tell, the affected emails typically have UTF-8 at the start of the Subject line within the header file.

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