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Why Are Project Management Standards Not What They Used to Be?

By malcolm ·
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Andy Sumners, lead guitarist with The Police once said "I don't like playing standards. I like to do my own cutting edge work."

Andy, you should have been a Project Manager in today's IT business!

Is it just me or have standards fallen nay almost disappeared. Let's face it a decade ago Prince was King (pardon the pun).

In today's cut and thrust IT project management environment, standards have gone out of the window.??

Nowadays you're lucky if the project gets a RAID log (risks and issues), a one-page PowerPoint Terms of Reference (TOR), a cut down highlight report, the odd un-minuted PCC and a cut-down, non resource-balanced project plan.??

But what about the Lessons Learned, the Stakeholder Management Plan, the Communications Plan and the Project Initiation Document? I hear you say.

Any chance if a Shared Projects Folder?

You're having a laugh ain't ya?

And why?

Well I'll tell you why.

Most modern day PM's work within multi-resourced departmental structures. The Business employ the Big Consultancies who refuse to use the client's standards, tools and methodologies. It's too much like hard work. ??

After all why should they give away their copyright templates for free?
Why should they toe the line and abide by the Paymaster?
Why should they make it easier to communicate with the Client?

By making it easy maybe, just maybe the Client could do it for themselves -??

I can hear you shiver at the thought!

I would at his point like to state that I am not advocating that we go back to the days where if you did not have Prince on your CV, then you were persona non grata, however something's gotta change guys!

So if there are any of the big boys out there who want to comment - bring it on!

I would love to hear your reasons for sharing the will but not willing to share.

As me old mate Sting once said "I'm Sendin Out an SOS!"

Malcolm McNeill is a Senior IT PM and CEO of and also played support to The Police on their 1982 UK Synchronicity tour.

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Someone call the cops.....

by spaceghost In reply to Why Are Project Managemen ...

Looks like you got Andy Summers confused with Gordon Sumner (aka Sting) in your attempt to name drop.

That aside, as near as I can tell, you're blaming Big Consultancies for your perceived lack of PM standards in the IT environment today. Ok, that's an easy and lazy position to take. But what I don't follow is your suggestion that their copyrighted templates would be so dramatically different than the tools, methodologies, and standards the client is using. Either way, standards are in play using the clients tools, etc. or the Big Consultancy copyrighted templates.

Your argument deflates itself. And what does Prince have to do with any of it?

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Two different people

by JamesRL In reply to Someone call the cops.... ...

Andy Summers was the lead guitar, Sting was the bassist.

But I agree with your other points.

I've worked with large organizations who have created their own methods, and organizations which have mirgated from one method to another without using outside firms.

Nothing I've seen from consulting companies is really much more value add than what I've seen free on the internet.

My employer, a large software company, uses sharepoint for sharing documents, and a very rigid waterfall method. Some projects have moved to an agile method. In all cases PM standards are better than what they used to be, not worse.

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