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    Why are Some Windows Users Hating Windows 11?

    by meyre76 ·


    This is a genuine question I’ve had for some time now. Why are some people not excited/happy about Windows 11.Everywhere I see people asking to rollback to old Windows 10,try to alter Windows 11 to accommodate some of the Windows 10 features, etc. What I’m saying is that Windows 10 has End of Life Support in 2025,while it seems far away, time moves fast. I KNOW that many people feel the upgrade requirements are too much, but with each new release, something changes.

    What do you think?

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      My thoughts…

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Why are Some Windows Users Hating Windows 11?

      Most people are naturally used to resist change. Why have to relearn something when you are comfortable with the old way? Personally, I think of myself as an early adopter of new technology, but I think I am in the minority. When I first started using Windows 11 on my desktop computer, I was a little frustrated with the new format/layout but I have learned many/most of the shortcuts that I used in Windows 10. No different with a new cell phone or updated OS interface (Apple iOS or Android for example).

      Despite grumbling, most users will adapt. Some longer than others.

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      This is nothing new in regard to MS Windows

      by Wizard57M-TR ·

      In reply to Why are Some Windows Users Hating Windows 11?

      Has been this way with every new version I can remember, not as much with the ancient ones (prior to Win3.1), but ALL of them since Win95 have users that claim they will never upgrade, bemoaning having to purchase new hardware, complaint on top of complaint. After 25 years of reading those complaint posts here and other forums, I’ve tended to ignore them. Fact is a lot of those complaints are made by people that don’t even use Windows! Oh, and the really funny (or maybe stupid) ones are the ones that say something like “This is the last straw, I’m going to buy a Mac/switch to Linux” or some other unlikely claim!

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      Here’s a sore spot. DELIVERY OPTIMIZATION. Seems it can use Terabytes of

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Why are Some Windows Users Hating Windows 11?

      You can read about this at

      Read the discussion and turn off delivery optimization.

      For some reason Microsoft didn’t throttle this to avoid the issue you are reporting.

      There’s more out there but for now I will not upgrade or buy a W11 PC without a path to W10.

      -> Finally Microsoft appears to block using local login accounts. Sorry but this is my PC, not yours.

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      Reply To: Why are Some Windows Users Hating Windows 11?

      by robertmakowski ·

      In reply to Why are Some Windows Users Hating Windows 11?

      I used to use the Calendar in taskbar a lot, and now they have removed it and i have to open the Calendar app itself to check basic stuff and create events. Now i have stopped using it all together. That’s the first thing (and probably only thing) i could think of.

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