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Why are spammers so incompetent?

By mobilityplanner ·
I had to get this off my chest. I run a domain and, not surprisingly, my contact address has ended up at the receiving end of more than its share of spam. But the last few weeks have been ridiculous. I receive an increasing volume of pump-and-dump spam, every one absolutely identical, touting the same stock, sent to that one email address. I counted 41 copies of the mail in a 24 hour period two days ago. Today I'm deleting five or six every hour. Same message, word for word - the only difference is the fabricated return address and the "personalized" name in the subject line. All of them sent to the same email address.

So here's my question: If these guys are smart enough to take over half the world's computers and build them into botnets that the best anti-malware minds in the industry can't beat, why can't they follow the most basic mailing list protocol and EXPUNGE DUPLICATE ADDRESSES?

Or do they think that after I've dealt with the first fifty copies, I'll look at number 51 and say "wow, these guys are serious! They do want to help me make a fortune", and buy their stock?

If there are any spammers on the list, please enlighten me. Everyone else, feel free to pile on, or tell me I've missed something important here.

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Well as to their competence

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Why are spammers so incom ...

I got 1000 emails same spam , same sender ...

May have been a slight mistake in the script

The other 999 people who didn't get spammed that day, must have been chuffed.

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Can't explain it

by Roger99a In reply to Why are spammers so incom ...

Another stupid thing I've noticed is the constant use of bad email addresses. There was a virus (years ago) that sent emails from good addresses prepended with "3d". I get thousands of them for I also get emails for addresses that have been disabled for years. I would think they would recognize that this works against them. All those addresses are spam traps now and help me to filter out the other junk that comes in to real addresses.

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